This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


8. Escape

~trigger warning for some stuff in this chapter. I don't personally agree with what is said at all.~

 I want to move. My nose itches, I have to sneeze, I need to leave. But I can't. After being stuck here for months, I've almost grown accustomed to the constant hunger and thirst; the constant pain and sorrow.
 I've been lying here limply for so long, completely aware of everything they've been doing to me. Guards are outside my cell every minute; it's not safe to open my eyes, if I do, there's a chance of me being discovered. I can't sleep. All I can think about is my team... But mostly Lloyd.
 I've been thinking for days straight about every other scenario I could've used, or that could've defeated the Overlord. But once again, I was being selfish. When I went to sacrifice myself, I didn't think of the people it could've hurt; Lloyd could've defeated him again, or we could have made the tornado of creation. COULD have. But I didn't. I didn't, I didn't, I didn't. It's always something I can't do. First it was being able to grasp the fact that I wasn't the green ninja. Then, I wasn't able to save Lloyd and the fang blade in the volcano. And then I wasn't able to become golden in the digi-verse, leaving the Overlord more time to gain power.
 My mind has become my enemy, always pointing out my flaws, making me hopeless. But then I think about the good times; meeting Jay, Cole and Zane. Saving Lloyd. Retrieving the fang blades. Unlocking my true potential. Defeating the Overlord. Those were the good times that I want to remember. Then I focus specifically on Lloyd. Whenever I think about anything happy, my mind wanders to his face. His green eyes that always looked directly into my golden ones when we shared our pasts; when we shared our stories and pains. We never kept secrets from eachother. There were things that we kept from the rest of the team, but always shared between us. He understood me. My thoughts wander to just yesterday.
 'Kai!... What's wrong with him?' When he said that, I could hear the pieces of his soul coming back together, but then re-breaking. I wanted to hug him, tell him that I'm okay, and console him, just like I used to do.
 When Chen told Lloyd his plan, I wanted to scream. Not because I could potentially die, but because I'm not worth it. I'm not worth his life, or the others'. They all have so much more good to do in this cruel world. My time for fighting is over. Chen then cut my arm, bringing me some feeling; something I've been craving since I woke up. I'm sucked into my own little world once again.
Then I hear it.
 "I'm hungry." I hear a voice say, faintly.
 "Me too. But our shift doesn't end for another hour and..." He pauses, probably to look at a watch. "43 minutes." He finishes.
 "Well what are we supposed to do? It's not like we can just leave..." The first guard says. No way. This could be it! Maybe I'll finally be able to open my eyes, and maybe escape.
 "Why can't we? He's in a coma, right? It's not like he can escape." The second voice replies.
 "True... Okay I'm sold! Let's go get some puffy pot-stickers or something." The first voice relents. Then I hear two pairs of feet walk away. I'm finally alone.
 I open my eyes, and quickly close them again. Even in a place this dim, my eyes are having trouble adjusting. It's been months since I opened them. I keep blinking, and my eyes finally adjust. I'm in a stone lined cell, with a heavy metal and wood door standing right in front of me. I'm chained to the wall, something I already knew. All I have to do is melt the metal of these constricting chains, an I'm free. I try to use my powers like I always have. I gather the feelings of warmth and focus them. But nothing happens. I try again and again, but still nothing. I start to panic. My powers haven't failed me since...
 "No..." I whisper. My powers have been taken. My fire is gone, once again. I can't escape. I can't save Lloyd. More things I'm  unable to do to add to the ever growing list. Tears well up in the backs of my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall. And it's a good thing I don't because I can already hear footsteps and angry voices.
 I quickly adjust myself so I look as I did before, and once again shut my eyes to listen.
 "What are you doing away from your posts?!? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING THE PRISONER!" I hear a deep voice yell. I guess those two guards didn't get away with leaving, after all.
 "We're s-sorry!" I hear one of the guards say.
 "You're lucky I have another job from Chen for you, or you'd be DEAD." He threatens. The footsteps are drawing nearer, and the voices louder. They're approaching my cell.
 "W-What's the job?" The other guard says, sounding terrified. And I know what terrified sounds like. My mind drifts to Lloyd as a child floating on that rock in the fire temple. Then I'm brought back to reality.
 "Move Kai to another cell. Chen doesn't want that Lloyd guy making any plans." He says. Shit. I guess that rules out Lloyd coming back for me... Oh well. I hear the heavy lock turn, the door open with a creak, and footsteps come to my side. I'm having trouble keeping my breathing steady, and trying not to move my eyes under the lids. The guards never come in unless they're feeding me. I feel the shackles being removed from my arms. When my left is released, I let it drop limply, even though it hurts when the back hits the rough stone  with an audible 'thump'. The same goes for my other hand. They pick me up, and I stay limp in their arms. If it weren't for my training, I would've been caught by now. We leave the room.
 As they walk down the hall, I realize that this is the perfect time to escape. There are only two of them: I could overpower them easily, even if my joints are locked in place from weeks of rest. I'm about to leap into action, when one of the guards starts talking... about Lloyd.
 "Like Lloyd would ever be able to get down here again. Considering the beatdown he took, I'd be surprised if he could even stand up!" He laughs. Lloyd is hurt...
 "Yeah, that Karloff guy is sick! I almost wish he'd won that fight..." The second guard says. If I ever meet this Karloff guy, he's gonna be sorry he ever even LOOKED at my Lloyd. I can't get distracted though. This is it.
 I will myself to move. I backflip out of their arms, while kicking the guard on my left in the chin, sending him to the ground in a heap. The other guard is stunned, just standing in surprise.
 "You really didn't think I was ACTUALLY in a coma, did you?" I say, before kicking him back. The shock has worn off, and now he's running at me. 'Please work..' I pray to every god of every religion that my spinjitzu still works. I start to spin, and my familiar flaming tornado appears around me as I repeatedly punch and kick this guy at lightening speed. It's good to be back.
 The guard is down for the count. I run the opposite way they were trying to take me, so I hopefully won't end up where they wanted me. I'm smiling. I'm finally free! It feels so good to move again! It's been so long!
 I come to a fork in the tunnels. The one on the left leads to a staircase that leads downwards, and the other just keeps going on the same level. I decide that going deeper is a bad idea, so I go to the right. I run down the halls, feeling grateful that I'm free. I can see Lloyd... I can save him from this hell. I smile to myself.
 "Hey!" I stop running, and the smile disappears from my face. I've been caught. I turn around slowly, ready to take whatever punishment they give me. But when I turn, however, I don't see any guards. Confused, I turn in a  circle, until I see it. Four guards are escorting someone down another passage. I hide at the corner, peeking around it just slightly in hopes to get a glimpse of who the victim is.
 "Get your hands off me!" I hear a higher voice say. A voice I haven't heard since the second battle with The Overlord.
 "Jay..." I whisper. I can see him now. His brownish-red hair is a mess, and he has bruises on his face. He's wearing a dingy orange jumpsuit, covered with motor oil. I clench my fists. How dare they treat my brother like that. Mess with me all you want, but don't touch my friends.
 "If that was Lloyd, I'd have killed all of those guards thirty seconds ago." I say, seething. The guards just continue pushing him around.
 "Whatever, fag. Get to your cell." The same guard that yelled at my captors says to Jay. I should run over there and torture his sorry ass.
 "Don't call me that!" He yells.
 "What, fag? Your little boyfriend isn't here to protect you anymore. Neither is the green ninja, or your little tin man. You have no one here." He laughs. "Even your little fiery friend left you. I guess you're just to gay to have friends!" The guard cackles, pushing Jay to the ground and kicking him in the ribs. "YOU!" kick "HAVE!" kick "NOTHING!" crunch. I really hope none of his ribs are cracked. I dig my fingernails into the heel of my palm, so deep that I can feel hot blood drops painting my fingers red. I have to look away, or else I'll run over there and blow my cover.
 "You done now? Because you've got plenty of work to do in the factory." The deep voice says again. All I hear is a faint whimper as a reply. Then, I hear only receding footsteps.
 New plan: as much as I want to see my Lloyd, I have to save Jay. I'll just find Lloyd, tell him the situation, then come back and save Jay. This is one thing I can't add to my list of can'ts. I have to save them. Lloyd's face somehow finds its way to my mind again.
 "I'll get back to you, even if it's the last thing I do... because I love you, Lloyd." I whisper a promise that is one I will keep; one that I have to keep. I will see them again, and I won't stop until I feel Lloyd's arms around me. Because ninja never quit.

How was this chapter? I thought chapter eight was the right place to put in a chapter of Kai's point of view. I kind of threw in the part with Jay, because I thought the chapter was running short. Any requests for a future chapter? Leave it in a review, and maybe I'll use it. PEACE AND PIZZA MY LITTLE ALLIGATORS!!

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