This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


5. Dungeons

(This is the longest chapter I’ve written for any of m stories. 2,114 words! That’s longer than some people’s full multichaps! *mind=Blown*)

~skip to after boat ride brought to you by orange flavored bleach~

 We walk off the ship into the most impressive place I've ever seen. A grand palace is straight in front of us, with a huge grand staircase, all in purples and reds.
 "Welcome, to Chen's island." Clouse announces "The tournament of Elements welcome it's... Brave fighters."
 "How is it that we're on an island I've never seen on any map?" I ask. No one answers.
 "And care to explain how Ninjago's most popular noodle house is secretly assembling an underground fight club?" Cole asks.
 "According to mine and P.I.X.A.L's research, it seems that Master Chen was once a friend, but is now an enemy. During the Serpentine wars, Chen turned, and sided with the treacherous snakes." Zane explains.
 "The war that my father and Uncle Wu fought together in? He was an enemy?" I ask.
 "Precisely. He used deception to divide the elemental masters. In a deal for his surrender, he was forced to never leave this island. Little did anyone know, he would begin to build his criminal empire from here."  He says while we walk up the ornate staircase, nodding his head quickly.
 "He may have divided our ancestors, but he's not gonna divide us." I say with certainty. There is nothing in this world that could cause me to turn on my brothers. I've already lost one brother, and I'm lucky enough to have a chance of getting him back. I won't lose any more.
 A girl in a hood walks past us, smiling at me in almost a... creepy way. I decide it's best not to make trouble where it's not needed, so I don't confront her.
 "This is a big island. Kai could be... anywhere. Keep an eye out." Cole points out.
 The gates open to reveal a large courtyard, with a beautifully designed purple carpet going up the middle. On either side of the carpet are men banging on timpani (a type of drum) and chanting, all clad in identical purple robes.
 "So this is the house that noodles built. I've always wanted to go to a red carpet event!" Jay says, trying to lighten the mood.
 "Chen lives like a king. Here's he is totally self-sufficient. The only way on or off this island is with his permission, which you have to earn." Zane explains.
 "How do you know this stuff, Zane?" Jay asks.
 "P.I.X.A.L. and I are a walking computer together." He says, once again not getting the joke. Kai's in there somewhere. Kai is so close... I'm potentially within a few MILES of him! That is, if this isn't a cruel trick...
 We file into a large foyer, and it in a circle along with the other fighters around a large, red circular rug. I can't stop thinking. I remember that my father had a tattoo on his back of a snake... I saw a nearly identical pattern and ink color on the arm of one of the guards... All of the guards have similar tattoos... Maybe... Chen was my father's Sensei...
 Jay taps me on the shoulder, pulling me out of my thoughts.
 "Hey, lighten up, green bean! We're in an underground fight club! This is SUPPOSED to be fun!" Jay says, trying to cheer me up.
 Just then, a guard hits a gong, and really stupid announcing music begins to play. Clouse steps onto a raised bit of floor.
 "All rise for Master Chen." He says, gesturing to a dark place in the ceiling. All of the others rise along with me, following Clouse's order. From the ceiling drops a huge, overly decorated throne, being lowered by ropes. In the throne sits a man in THE ugliest robes I have ever seen.
 "Welcome.. To the Tournament of Elements!" Ugh, even his voice is annoying. "Now, everyone can all DIE!" We all gasp as the doors swing closed with a dramatic 'thump'. "Rect your attention to me!" He says, laughing like an idiot.
 "This guy must really like theatrics." Cole whispers to me.
 "Hehehe! Never before have so many elemental fighters been gathered under one roof!" He says, getting up from his throne and walking out amongst us. "I see master of fire, earth, shadow, speed..." He says, looking around the room. When his eyes rest on me, a twisted smile erupts from his face. "Even a prophesied green savior." He says, his cold glare staying on me. He turns away, looking at the gong. "This symbol before you is the sign of the Anochondrai. Fiercest serpentine warriors in all the land. It's meaning: only one can remain." Only one can remain, huh? Well five are getting out of here.
 The gong is struck, and it's thick sound fills the air. The gong cracks, and there stand the brackets of fighters.
 "Good. Looks like we're each in our own bracket." Jay says, relieved. "We won't have to face each other for a while."
 "Better find Kai before that happens." I say quietly.
 "Behold..." Chen gestures to Clouse, who pulls an ornate aqua colored blade. "A jade blade! Here, it represents life! Obtain it, move on. Allow your opponent to take it... LOSER!" He says, cackling. I seriously hate this guy. Not only is he standing in my way of getting Kai, but he is also just extremely aggravating. "The rules are simple: each round will be different! No two fights will be the same!" He says while walking around the room, getting in everyone's faces. "Your powers will keep you in the tournament. Use it or lose it!" He uses grand hand gestures, but I swear he is looking right at me.
 "Hmm what does Karloff win?" A big man with a Russian accent asks.
 "Win, and stay on the island. Win it all, and receive fortunes beyond your wildest dreams, and lifetime supply of Master Chen noodles!" He says. "But no one is here because of noodles!" Except for Cole. "You want the glory of being the greatest fighter, in ALL OF NINJAGO!" The crowd cheers.
 "And, what if we lose?" Zane asks.
 "Lose? Who here likes to lose?" He says, again looking at me. The crowd just laughs. "Now please, enjoy my island! It's a superfunhappyplace! Hahaha! Fun time on me!" He says.
 "You will now each be shown to your room." Clouse says, bored. Out of the doors come servants in some crazy makeup.
 "Ugh just what this place needs: creepy clowns." Jay says, obviously put off.
 "Not clowns. Kabuki. Chen's jesters." Zane says.
 "Uh, yeah whatever they are, I don't like them." Cole says. "So much for us staying together." He yells as he is lead away, along with everyone else, by the creepy servants. I, however, am still here.  Clouse approaches me.
 "Master Chen would like to speak to you..." He say, a cold smile gracing his thin lips "alone."
 "Stay together, don't lose focus!" I yell up, hoping the others had heard me.
 Clouse grabs my arm roughly and leads me down a maze of hallways, not saying anything.
 "Uhmm... Do you mind telling me where you're taking me?" I ask nervously. He just continues on with his smile.
 "Be patient, master of energy." He says.
 "It's Lloyd." I tell him.
 "Be patient, master Lloyd." He says. After about another three minutes of walking, I see Chen up ahead.
 "Ahh, Lloyd. My dear boy!" He greets me cheerfully. Something is definitely up. "How is your father? You know, he used to be one of my students..." I knew it! "So sad that he decided to leave... He had such great potential. But we are not here to talk about your father!" He says, before turning to Clouse.
 "You may go now, Clouse. Make sure our... Guests are comfortable." He orders.
 "Yes, Master." Clouse bows, and walks away, leaving me with Mr. Noodle McCrayCray. (A/N: I know this is supposed to be sad, but I just had to XD)
 "Why did you call me here?" I ask him.
 "Follow me." He says, and I obey.
 "You see, Lloyd.." Chen says, leading me down some stone steps, which greatly contrast the rest of his Palace. "I needed all the elemental fighters in one place for my competition. I knew getting the others here would be easy, but you ninja, you serve with honor. You needed a REASON to come here." We are still going down the same flight of stairs.
 "What does that have to do with anything?" I ask, getting frustrated.
 "It was a difficult job. There was just no reason GOOD enough. Until just a few months ago." I know what he is talking about. Kai... "When your fiery friend sacrificed himself to save Ninjago, he did die." My heart splits in two right there. Two power orbs start growing subconsciously from my hand. He just keeps walking. "But Clouse was on the mainland, preparing for the probable outcome of the Overlord taking over. I had already realized that I wanted this tournament, so he was getting word out to some of the first fighters." I want to punch him. I want to kick him, stab him, and gut his sorry ass.
 "WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!?" I yell, my voice broken, my eyes watering. He just keeps walking.
 "When the Overlord was defeated, and you underground, Kai hit the ground. Clouse picked up his dead body, and brought it back here." This is torture. "We debated upon what to do with him..." We reach the bottom of the stairs, and we're in a dank stone hallway, with puddles of old water everywhere. I don't even care where we're going anymore. I just want him to kill me already.
 "We decided to bring him back to life." This gets my attention. My spirits slowly rise.
 "So... He isn't... Dead?" I ask.
 "No, you silly ninja!" He laughs. We come upon a closed door with an iron grate window. "Take a look for yourself." I look in between the bars, and nearly scream in happiness. There he is, Kai.
 "KAI!" I yell. He doesn't stir. He is just lying limp in the shackles. My happiness turns to rage. "What's wrong with him!" I yell at Chen.
 "Relax, he's just in a coma. Would you like to go in?" He asks. I don't even have to think about it. I nod quickly, and return my shattered eyes to the door.
 "Yes..." I whisper.
 "Guard!" Chen yells demandingly. The guard standing next to the door quickly stands at attention.
 "Yes sir?" He asks.
 "Unlock the door for the Green Ninja and I." The guard obeys, and the door is opened.
 I don't hesitate to think that this may be a trap before running in. I drop to my knees before him, tears leaking from my eyes. His chest is rising and falling, and it's almost like it has gotten quicker since I kneeled down.
 "Oh, Kai! We've... I've missed you so much!" I say, taking his limp hand in my own.
 "Okay, I'm bored. Let me cut to the chase." Chen says. I turn back to him. I had almost forgotten that he was there. "The others are playing for money and fame in this tournament..." He leans against the wall, smiling coldly, seeming proud of himself. "You will be playing for something else..."
 "No..." I say, looking back at Kai's limp body, expressionless face... wait... it... isn't expressionless... it looks pained.
 "You will be playing for Kai's life." He says, taking a knife out of his pocket. (Trigger warning)
 He walks over to Kai, cutting a long, deep gash in his arm. To the untrained eye, he seems to not be effected. But to my eye, I see his beautiful face contort in pain: he's aware.
 "NO!" I yell. He just cackled wickedly.
 "There is more where that came from. Remember this Lloyd. If you're out, Kai's dead. Only ONE can remain. He says, dragging me out of the cell. I don't even fight back. If I do, Chen might hurt Kai more.
 As I'm being forced away, I swear I hear something...


Hope you liked! I almost made this an intense cliffhanger! I didn't want to torture you THAT much, so I don't split it up. Anyway, PEACE AND PIZZA MY LITTLE ALLIGATORS!!! (If you haven't done so, please read OtakuDemonOfBlue's story Ninjago: A Jump Back Into Time! She is a great friend of mine, and she is a HUGE reason that this story is going so well!)

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