This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


9. Blind


 I wake up the following morning to a pounding headache. The bright light from the sun can be seen through my eyelids, making it impossible to ignore. My entire body is still sore from my fight two days ago, but it’s much better than it was, all thanks to Zane’s help. I open my weary eyes, and squint in the bright light. I sit up, ignoring my aching limbs and head, and swing my legs over the edge of the bed.

 “Ugh” I groan as I try to get out of the comfortable bed. Black spots dance in from of my eyes when I put all of my weight on my legs, but I stagger forward anyway. I stretch, yawning and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. “Come in” I allow, walking over to the ornate dresser to find a shirt to cover my naked chest. The door creaks open.

 “Hey, Greenie. I let you sleep in, but you should really come and watch the fight if you’re feeling well enough.” I hear Cole’s sad voice say. We have both lost people we love to Chen.

 “O-Okay…” I say. My voice is raspy. Cole picks up on that, and grabs me a cup of water from the night stand. He hands it to me, and I gulp it down greedily. He sits down in one of my chairs, and I join him in the chair across from him.

 “How ya holding up?” He asks me. I shrug.

 “Fine…” He reads through my lie like a book. I sigh. “Not so fine…” I say, looking down at my folded hands.

 “Look… you know I… l-love Jay… as more than a brother… and that that’s why I’m so upset that he’s gone… but why are you more upset than we are about Kai?” He asks me. I’m done hiding it from everybody. I need to tell somebody, and Cole’s about as trustworthy as they get.

 “I-I…” I look away from his concerned gaze. I take a deep breath, but continue.”I love Kai… as more than a brother, as more than a friend. I have since he saved my life as a kid, but I didn’t know it yet. I always attributed the burning in my face and chest when he was around to his powers, but eventually…” I pause, and look back to Cole’s face. He looks genuinely interested, and he seems to understand. “I-I realized that it wasn’t happening to any of you when he was around. Soon, I realized that I had, a crush, but it soon grew into something more. It turned into a…lust I guess you could say…” Cole looks slightly surprised, but he still doesn’t interrupt. “I can’t stand to be apart from him…” I say. Once he’s sure that I’m done, he stands up, and pulls me to my feet.

 “Lloyd, none of us even suspected that of you… but we suspected that Kai had something for you…” Cole says.I look at him.

 “Cole, are you okay? Kai has no interest in me. He is always flirting with random girls…” I say, tears welling up, knowing that my love couldn’t possibly love me back. Cole smiles slightly.

 “Things may surprise you when this is over.” He says, and walks out the door and into the hallway, leaving me to follow him with my head still pounding and my limbs still aching.


 Cole leads me into a room where all of the other contestants are gathered, watching the fight. I strain my neck to try and catch a glimpse of the fighters. Then I realize; I could be fighting today. My heart rate rises, and I start hyperventilating. I can’t fight like this! Cole sits down next to Zane, who looks at me, and seems to know just what I’m panicking about.

 “Don’t worry, you’re not fighting today.” I breathe a breath of relief, and take my seat next to Cole. Now, I have a clear view of the fighters; Jason, master of sound, and that weird  girl who kept looking at me weirdly on the ship and around the palace.

 “Her name is Skylor, and she has the power of absorption, or amber. Don’t let her touch you, she’ll take your power and use it against you.” Zane says. So that’s why she was looking at me like that: she wants my powers! I can’t let her get mine.

 The fight seems to be going smoothly. There are pots scattered around the room, one of them probably holding a jade blade. Jacob is strumming his sitar, and using hit ears to try to find Skylor, who is staying still, trying to make as little noise as possible.  She makes a sudden move, and breaks one of the pots: it hold nothing. She curses in annoyance. Before she can realize her mistake, Jacob has already hit her with a powerful sonic blast. She is sent flying back into the wall. She smirks, and runs up to him, easily dodging his sloppy attacks. She touches his arm lightly, before sending out a stolen sonic blast, making Jacob keel over in pain, blood coming from his probably blown eardrums. I feel bad for the guy; can’t see or hear now.

 “Wh-Why…” He whimpers. She just ignores him and runs around the room, breaking all the pots until she finds the blade. Once she finds it, she holds it up in victory, a sadistic smile on her face. Jason is still on the ground, in tears.

 “Better luck next time.” She yells into his bloody ear. She takes her finger and puts it in the blood, staring at the red liquid hungrily. “Oh right…” She stands up, and kicks him. “You can’t hear me.”She cackles and walks over to the pedestal, and places the Jade Blade onto it. Chen smiles, widely.

  “WE HAVE A LOSER!” Chen announces like we missed the whole spectacle that happened in from of our eyes. The floor drops out beneath him, and he falls into the abyss, joining Jay and Karloff in whatever Chen did to them. We stand, and file out of the room, along with the rest of our competitors. Somehow, I end up next to the very girl I’m trying to avoid.

 “Hey there.” She says, trying to be friendly, but I can see the thirst for my power in her amber eyes.

 “Hi.” I say, looking down and trying to get away from her before she can touch me. I turn my head to see her reaching out for my arm, within centimeters of touching it. I quickly pull it out of the way, and push my way through the crowd. I can hear her angry screams as I catch up to Cole and Zane.

 “She is definitely after me.” I say, looking behind us for any sign of her, but I don’t see her gaudy red hair anywhere.

 “We have to keep you away from her… the only one strong enough to handle your power is you… no one else would be able to control it without turning evil.” Zane says.

 “Just another reason to find Jay and Kai and get off this rock.” Cole says. Zane and I nod.

 “Hopefully, that time will come sooner rather than later.” I say, before we walk into my room, and shut the door behind us.


Did anyone else love the ending of “Skybound?!?” It’s now my third favorite season,  behind seasons 3 and 2. Hope you liked the chapter! Don’t forget to follow my instagram @BakaLloyd! PEACE AND PIZZA!!!

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