Going to see Justin Bieber was Elizabeth's highlight of her life so far. Until that is- she runs into an unexpected visitor.


1. The Day

Today. Today is the day i'm going to see Justin Bieber for the first time in 2 years! It's going to be amazing. The best day ever. My best friend Nicole was coming over so we could leave to go stand in the heat for the concert. I hadn't done my makeup yet and I was just jumping out of the shower when she texted me, updating me that we only had three hours until the concert- EEEP!

I wrapped my hair up into the cotton shower towel as a danced around my room listening to the Purpose album. I then slid on my black ripped jean shorts and a red crop top from pacsun before sitting down at the chair in front of my makeup mirror. 

I put the tape along my eyes preparing to do winged eyeliner for the special occasion. I carefully slid the eyeliner above my eye and removed the tape slowly all while mumbling the words to Company.


I had another text from Nicole telling me that she would soon be over and she just had to finish doing her hair. She lived 30 minutes away so "soon" didn't actually mean soon.

As I finished my makeup I slid on my black and white Vans and ran downstairs to prepare my purse and stock it with everything necessary for the concert. I laid everything out. Lip gloss, tickets, portable charger, sunglasses, and license. I smiled and started to put everything in my purse when Nicole texted me again. She was at my house.

I let her in to my apartment and we both started screaming- probably annoying the other tenants.

Nicole: We reallllllyyyy need to leave!!!!

Elizabeth: Our uber will be here-

As I looked down at my phone and the uber was outside waiting.

Elizabeth: Oh Shit! Their already waiting!

I slide my phone, my license, the tickets, and my lip gloss into my purse and we both run down the stairs to meet the uber waiting at the curb.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry I just saw-

As I looked down he didn't seem interested in my apology so I just shut up and got into the car with Nicole.


As we showed up to the venue the line was already moving. People were already getting inside. I was the beginning to an amazing night.

When we entered the venue we ran to get out merch that came with the Where Are U Now package.

As we found our seats, I started crying because we were so close and all I'd ever wanted was to be close to Justin.


The lights went down after the openers and the show was starting...

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