Alone and Afraid

Alone and afraid is about a pure blood witch named Myla, she has been keeping a dark secret from her friends at her school, that she is demented on the inside.


5. Orders

I woke up, like usual and headed for the grand hall for breakfast, Aaron came up to me and said.

"Hey there beautiful devil" 

I zoned out, my biggest crush made am move on me while yesterday I had just kissed potter.

" Aaron what are you doing?" I asked opening the grand hall door.

He rushed me to a seat at the back of the hall and acted all serious like, like an interview.

"Look, I realised, I should make a move on you while your single, Pansy mentioned a boy when we talking about you, I felt broken, but your love makes me happy inside so please,"

I blushed, I thought of Harry, my orders to kill him, but Aaron Le' Strange was the first person I met at Hogwarts.

So I said something dumb.

"I will,"

Then, darkness reined down on me, I was now, cheating on potter.

But Aaron was my material, thin and strong. 

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