Alone and Afraid

Alone and afraid is about a pure blood witch named Myla, she has been keeping a dark secret from her friends at her school, that she is demented on the inside.


6. Hogsmede

It was my first date, I was excited, until I saw potter sitting at a table, me and Aaron were at a couch table. He put his arm around me and looked at me, staring into my gaze. Potter looked over at me, but Aaron's eyes were so hypnotic. I did something stupid.

I kissed Aaron, but once I did, I couldn't stop, he was a great kisser, he ran his hand down my cheek. I teared myself away, I watched Potter smash his butter beer cup and walk out.

Then I truly realised, Ioved potter more. So on did it, something smart for a change.

I got up and ran after him, he was sitting down by the shrieking shack. I sat next to him.

"what do you want Tylers?"

That was the first time he had called me by my second name.

"to say , I'm sorry"

He wouldn't even look at me.

" for what cheating on me, or for letting me see you cheat"

"both" i sighed

He finally looked at me, he stared at me with an icy glare.

"I don't know"

Before he could say anything else I dragged him to Aaron.

"Aaron your not my type, soz bro" I said

I kissed Harry, then clung on to him walking away




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