Estella has grown up being told that she needs to get her family back onto the throne. When her father gets her a chance to do this will anything be the same again?

Authors note: I update this frequently and there will always be 2 new chapters every week (sometimes more). Also I would love to hear your thoughts about this story! If you like it or anything you think I could improve upon please let me know it's a big help to me.


4. 4

I don't know how long I had been sitting there but by the time I paid attention to the hall the only people in it were the Royal family and me. The queen was standing with silent tears running down her face along with princess Rayne who looked like she was sickened at the sight of blood as they walked out of the hall as the King was trying to console them.

Whereas, Vale and Elias were muttering to each other quietly like they knew who was behind it. Vale glanced over at me and nudged his brother who offered a weak smile before they started making there way over.

"Lady Estella I'm truly sorry about what happened with your father" Prince Vale looked at me with sad tired eyes.

"We have caught the man who we suspect shot your father" Elias glanced over his shoulder at his brother trying to read him.

"Take me to him" I ordered, I no longer cared if I was speaking to the Royal family. I wanted justice for my father who had been murder out of cold blood.

"I don't think that we are allowed to do that" Vale said.

"Please..." I begged looking him in the eyes. I didn't want to cry again but I felt my voice wavering.

"Very well" Vale sighed giving in and I stood up not caring if there was blood dried to the gown, I didn't care about the way I looked anymore. Vale walked to a door at the side of the hall and Elias followed and I could only assume that they wanted me to follow them. We piled into a hallway that was cold and felt more like a service entrance than anything else. Nobody said anything for a while until we came up to a door to a room that stretched off from the corridor we were on. Vale got out a key and unlocked it as quickly as he could, I walked in first and saw a man in cuffs that attached him to a chair in the middle of the room. I heard Vale ask Elias to stand waiting in the corridor then the door behind us shut.

The room we were in was cold and damp and made from stone, it was quite obviously used as a holding cell which was conveniently hidden further in the Palace walls. The only light in the room was coming from a gas burner that was attached to the far wall, it all smelled like vomit and urine but I tried to pretend I didn't notice, I had to stay emotionless.

I turned my attention to the man in the chair he had to be the same age as Vale, if not a year younger. He was wearing a servants uniform that was all black, he had brown hair and brown eyes which some people may consider plain but in any other circumstance I might have found this man attractive.

"Did you kill my father?" I let the words ring out in the room, but the man just seemed confused; maybe he didn't know who I was so I corrected myself. "Did you kill Sir Thomas Thorn?" I asked again.

"No I didn't, I haven't killed anyone" he spat the words at me as if they were unwanted, but I didn't have the patience for any of this. I decided to use my ability for once in my own accord. His mind was filled of hatred towards me at this moment but I could see that at no given point had he harmed anyone in this palace and he wasn't the type to plan on giving up his job for something like this.

"Prince Vale you have the wrong man" I spun around to face him and he seemed utterly shocked.

"But he was caught holding a gun in the kitchens next to the lockers" his forehead crinkled in thought.

"I looked in his head," I said "I'm not proud of it but I did and he is not guilty. Somebody put a gun in his locker and he took it out confused as to why it was there, that's how he was caught holding it. Somebody in this palace has framed him" I forced myself to sound calm.

"I'm sorry Lady Estella I didn't realise I will send orders to the guards and my father to let him go" he looked ashamed.

"It's okay you don't need to apologise just please make sure everything is cleared up with this man" I gestured towards the figure in the chair who was now staring at us.

"Before you go my mother wanted me to tell you that you will be staying in one of our guest rooms until your brother takes parental custody of you" he looked like he thought it was a good idea. I couldn't blame him though, if I had a brother like Elias I would want to think all siblings were like that. Unfortunately Ethan was too far gone, too power hungry to care about anybody else.

I was guided out of the room by Vale, the walk up to the rooms was a silent one letting the only sound be our footsteps echoing off the marble floor. We stopped outside of a room on a long corridor. "This is your room for the moment and if you need anything my room is the one at the bottom of the corridor on the left, the one on the right is Elias'. I really am sorry about what happened to your father I can't imagine how it must feel" I looked between Vale and Elias and knew that they meant everything that they had said about it.

"That's very comforting, thank you your Highness" I bowed my head feeling to drained to show my gratitude properly.

"Please just call me Vale"

"Okay... thank you Vale and goodnight" I said testing it out, he smiled.

"Goodnight Estella" he turned for his room along with Elias who had been standing there awkwardly throughout the exchange. Pushing open the unfamiliar door I looked around the large room, the bed was larger than the one I had at home and this one was a four poster bed with fabric draped around it. There was a desk and a large mirror on the wall opposite the bed along with a set of doors that opened on to a balcony. I was too tired to do anything else but go to bed, there was a short knock on my door and I went to open it.

On the other side of the door was my Lily and Erica, they had been sent from my home for some reason but I wasn't complaining it was comforting to have someone familiar that didn't hate me here.

"We are so sorry miss" Erica announced for the both of them and I felt the tears rush back.

"It's okay it's not your fault." My voice was raw.

"Let's get you ready for bed." Lily was the more composed of the two. I could only nod unwilling to cry again. Before long I was out of my gown and in my nightgown without the makeup on anymore.

I crawled under the covers of my new bed letting my head hit the fluffy pillows and lying there waiting for sleep to take over my body.

I woke up screaming watching my father being killed again over and over again in front of me. The door burst open revealing Vale in his night clothes looking around the room wildly.

"Are you okay?" He looked like he was ready to attack an intruder.

"I'm fine," I pulled my blanket further up shuddering "It was just a bad dream." out of the darkness of the room Vales blue eyes seemed to be glowing.

"Would you like to talk about it?" He asked approaching the side of the bed and sitting there.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am."

"Well it started off with me being out with my father then a man in a mask came up to us shooting him," my voice cracked at the end of the sentence. "It just kept happening like it was on loop."

"I don't have any real experiences with losing people who are close to me but I feel like you are having a perfectly normal type of response." He was thoughtful.

"I don't know why anyone would want to kill him."

"Sometimes there isn't a planned target when it comes to attacks like this."

"What do mean by 'attacks'? Does this happen often here?" Suddenly everything seemed more confusing.

"Actually this is the first time someone has done something like this in the palace for over 50 years," he didn't seem to mind giving out the information. "I called it an attack because the murder of your father seemed to be a distraction for something else."He took in a deep breath. "We found a note written in what we thought was blood but we scanned the databases we have and its came up with nothing," he was silent for a minute thinking. "The note was a warning from people who had allied themselves with the people of Seress. They wanted us to know that people aren't happy with the way we run the country and want things to change or there will be more attacks across the country." His eyes were sad even though the sadness didn't convey itself anywhere in his body language. I guessed that since he was next in line for the throne he had learned at a young age to mask his emotions.

"Rebels did this?" The frustration in my voice quite clear to hear.

"We believe so yes, but we are moving you and the other girls into the palace that way we can make sure there is extra protection for you."

"Oh," I forgot about the other girls and how they need to keep us safe so their potential future queen isn't killed at their home. "When are the others moving in here?"

"My father wants to get them here tomorrow or Sunday." I felt sorry for him knowing that he didn't want to marry yet but was being forced into it so the country didn't revolt.

"That makes sense," I paused for a second. "It's been lovely being able to talk to someone Vale but I think I should try to get some more sleep, I get irritable if I don't get enough sleep." I tried to laugh it off.

"Of Course Goodnight Estella." his voice was soft, he got up from the edge of the bed and walked towards the door, he stood there for a few seconds as if he was going to say something but then thought better of it leaving the room letting the door shut quietly behind him. I sunk back into the bed thinking about everything Vale had just told me and how bad it must be getting in the country if what happened earlier was an attack. Before long I was asleep again this time dreaming.

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