Estella has grown up being told that she needs to get her family back onto the throne. When her father gets her a chance to do this will anything be the same again?

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2. 2

Waking up on the Friday morning was something more daunting than I thought it would be. My family want me to be perfect at the ball for their own selfish reasons which they want me to be a part of, but I can't stand the reasoning behind it.

I look over at the clock and see its 11am, I must have been allowed to sleep in for 'beauty sleep' as my brother likes to put it. I lie in bed for 10 more minutes before I hear the familiar rustling sound of my maids outside of my door and I slowly sit up waiting for them to come into the room. The white door opened slowly and my two maids walk in the room holding a garment bag, the only thing I was excited to see was my gown for the ball and how much hard work had been put into it.

"Miss." Erica nodded placing the garment bag at the foot of the bed. I got out of the bed standing up getting a chill as my feet hit the cold floorboards. Slowly I moved towards the mirror and desk and sat at the stool looking over at Lily and Erica. "We have been given instructions from your father to start using the beauty treatments on you for tonight" Erica talked to me through the large mirror that reflected all the way to the back of my room.

"Wait so am I going to be in here all day getting ready?"

"Yes miss. It's what we have been asked of" Lily speaks up tucking a loose strand of her fiery red hair behind her ear, I had always been jealous of her hair colour being as vibrant as it is I wanted to have bright hair for a long time but I learned that I was stuck with plain silvery white hair but I no longer mind.

Lily and Erica get to work straight away following my fathers orders to make me pretty, the morning is a mixture of waxing followed by putting on a cream that fills the pain and makes my skin extremely smooth. Throughout this process I wonder what the palace is like, if it has changed, last time I went there was with my brother and father on business about 3 years ago and it was one of the most grand buildings in Hecate, it's spiralling silver towers and glimmering grand hall in which the ball will no doubt be held were built so perfectly I use do be convinced it Was made by angles. My father likes to remind me that my ancestors used to live in this palace and if I get in we will once again be there.

I'm drawn out of my thoughts by Lily asking me to go in the shower so I can wash off the residue of all of the products they have been using on my body, she also tells me that it's almost 1pm so there will be a snack ready for me when I'm out of the shower. I oblige standing up and walking to the small shower room that is attached to my room, I let the warm water run for a minute before stepping in and letting the water trickle down my body washing off any left over products. I wash my hair with a shampoo and conditioner that are meant to be scented like summer fruits but smells too sweet for it to actually be fruity. I turn off the water and step out of the shower covering my body with a towel and the same with my hair.

I walk back out to find Lily and Erica placing a small cheese sandwich along with a glass of water on my desk for my lunch. Quickly I consume the food leaving the water for me to sip at while I'm getting ready. After I have eaten everything I'm notified that they want to do my hair and makeup and then they can get my gown out for me.

I sit still while they work miracles with my plain hair transforming it from being flat and lifeless to arranging it in curls and then pulling half of my hair up into a fancy up-do that made my hair look like a waterfall, more products were added to my hair giving it a shine that was almost sparkling they had also decided to add little golden gems into my hair that will match my dress and as its the colour of my family crest it will help people know who I am.

They get started on my makeup and before long It's finished, there is a light amount of golden eyeshadow that smokes out and they left the rest of the makeup very natural with a nude pink lipstick with a brown undertone to it. I look in the mirror and I seem to be glowing, my father did ask for me to be the prettiest I had ever been and this was it, I had never felt any more beautiful than I do now.

It was time to get the dress out which was even more stunning than the sketches of it. It was a strapless golden silk that floated down to the floor and half way down the skirt it faded into glimmering black branches with thorns on them until it was a block colour at the bottom. These colours made me seem even more pale than I already was but I wasn't going to lie, I did look amazing. "Thank you so much! I look so beautiful" I gushed turning to Lily and Erica, they blushed and smiled.

"It was our pleasure, miss" Lily responded "all eyes will be on you and the prince won't want to look at anyone else" she was looking at her handy work in awe and I didn't know how to respond. Did I want the prince to look at only me?

Before long it was time to head to the palace with my father, as I descended down the stairs my father and brother both looked shocked that I managed to look good for once.

"You look like mother in a picture I saw of her" Ethan breathed, this was the first time I had seen him not scowling in a long time. It could be because I was one step closer to letting him get his way and have influence over the royals but for now I want to stick to the assumption that it's because I look nice.

"She does." My father chimes in getting straight to the point "we must leave for the palace now or we will be late" he announced and hurried me out of the door. The palace was a 15 minute journey from our house if we went fast.

We got to the palace just on time and from what I could tell it hadn't changed at all. Walking up the gravel driveway a man ushered us inside, after asking for my name, taking us to the grand hall which after being redecorated with a lot silver it glittered in the many lights that lined the walls. I stood admiring it for a few seconds before my father pointed out the King and Queen standing on the other side of the room with Princess Rayne and Prince Elias, but Prince Vale was nowhere in view. The room seemed to be full of people and there was a grand piano on the other side of the room near where the Royal family were standing and my urge to play came rushing up. There was lovely orchestrated music coming from somewhere filling the room with a fun light atmosphere.

"Estella I forgot to mention on the journey here but they want you to play your mothers favourite song on the piano later" my father whispered in my ear. I didn't want to be put on the spot by these people but I also didn't want to refuse the King and queen so I silently nodded scanning the room.

Quite a few of the girls who I assumed were here for the same reason as me were staring daggers at me. The first girl I saw I recognised almost immediately, Gwendoline Admas, I used to be friends with her but then her family moved away on foreign diplomatic business and I didn't see her for a few years until when I was walking around and saw that she had come back but hadn't told me. Her short black hair was wavy and wild and she had on very dark makeup with a bright red lipstick that matched the colour of her gown she was known to be able to adapt to survive, I wasn't very sure on how it worked but I knew she would have an advantage for this.

Another girl with sandy blonde hair that was put in an up-do was wearing a white gown that almost looked like A wedding dress as if to say she was ready to marry Prince Vale on the spot, my father said that she was called Cecily Shaw and her ability was also manipulating the elements. Then there was two girls wearing similar coloured gowns, a pastel yellow and quite a Bright yellow, one of them had their brown hair straight and flowing down her back with very minimal makeup but she looked very regal and I recognised her as Rebekah Dyren and the girl standing next to her had very similar hair but it was wearing a lot more makeup which also seemed to be a golden bronze and I knew that she was Aurelia Dyren they were both cousins and I knew that their family was known for having extreme speed.

We all stood near one another unsure of what we should be doing when a hush fell over the room and Prince Vale stood entered.

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