Omg cant believe it!! Kicked out again... Whatever. My parents hate me and have no faith in me whatsoever. I don't blame them tho but now the only school left is a school that is mostly about singing,dancing and the history of music... Guess I will have to go with it, that was until I found out I had to share a room with nr.1 douche


Harry styles


6. 6.

I woke up with the warmth of Harry's body pressed into mine, his hands wrapped around my waist. He must of taken of his shirt while we where sleeping, but hey I'm not complaining;) I slowly removed his arms trying not to wake him and I succeeded. I then jumped in to the shower and felt the water hit me and it was relaxing because I felt like I was washing all the tears from yesterday of. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel. I went in to my closet and picked out an outfit I choose som black skinny jeans and a peach coloured top that went in to a cross over my boobs and revelling a bit of stomach I matched with some grey washed converse. I let my long blond waves fall lose after I brushed them and put on some makeup. I normally wear foundation, mascara, contour, eyebrows and y'all know my highlight gotta be popping! My foundation is very light coverage so I don't look to made up.

I look myself in the mirror and I'm satisfied with the way I look. When I turn around I see Harry starting to wake up and I panic the tiniest bit because what dose he think of me know? What about yesterday? Is he weirded out? "Damn you look hot" he says in a morning voice. Never mind same Harry as before. "thanks" I say while I chuckle. "Hey listen Louis is doing a get together later on do you want to come?" He says with a serious expression. "Are you joking? Louis that called me a slut yesterday?" I say "well yeah he is sorry about what happened and wants to make it up" "fine" "yay thanks baby girl" he says "ewww baby girl?" I say half joking "yeah it's your new knick name "that is a disgusting knick name" I say "it's revenge for calling me curls" he says satisfied with himself. I chuckle and grab my keys, phone and bag "hey where are you going?" He says a bit disappointed. " I don't know I just want to explore" I say "can I come??" He says quick "never mind I just got a text about me recording my verse, damn it" now he is disappointed. I chuckle and say "don't worry! I will se you at the get together. Text me time and addresses will ya?" "Sure... Ohh wait I don't have your number lets just exchange real quick" he puts his number in to my phone and I put my number in his phone. "Don't you dare leak my number" he says a bit serious and a bit joking. "Yeah like I would be bothered" I answer and he chuckles. "IM LEAVING" I yell and slam the door because why not?

I walk down to the reception and I am debating on who to call and then my phone beeps

From: sexyharry

Hey be at our place around 17:00 and I'll drive us<3 xxx

To: sexyharry

Kk, love the name btw;) xxx

From: sexyharry

Hey you picked baby girl so you don't get to judge;) xxx

To: sexyharry

True that. See you soon. Xxx

From: sexyharry

Can't wait;) xxx

"Heyyy Mariana wait up!" I heard someone yell and when I turned around it was Niall. "Hey what's up" I say and smile. "Uhh I just wanted to check that you were ok after Louis being a douche and if you are coming tonight, I hope you are" aww he is sweet "yeah I'm fine it's cool and I am coming tonight" "that's great!" He said happily. "Oh and are you hungry? Wanna join nandos?" When I thought about it I was quite hungry so I agreed. The whole car ride he was making me laugh so much and I believe I was doing it in return. We ordered our food and while we were waiting we started talking again "so how do you like the school?" He said " I like it but all the girls are the same. Al the girls I have talked to so far is the type that is like : fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, fake boobs but that go damn purse better be real. If you know what I mean" I responded with. He started laughing so hard but managed to say "that is so true!" We kept on talking and it turned out we had a lot in common. When I got back we said are goodbyes and walked to my room I heard some weird noises come from inside but just took out my key and opened the door and there was Harry hardcore making out with a girl. It actually kinda hurt. I don't know why. Well yeah I do, I am crushing on him. When he pulled away and saw me guilt flashed over his eyes. And then regret. "Mariana I didn't know you were coming this early" he said quickly and pushed the girl of him. "Ohh I'm sorry to disturb" I said. I think he might of seen the hurt in my eyes but when I came back to reality I covered it up quickly. "Yeah you should be, that was soo hot" the bitch said while biting her lip. "Shut up can you leave?" Harry said in a harsh tone. The girl just looked shocked and took her things and left. I walked in to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea and then Harry came up behind me "look Mariana I am really sorry, I don't know why I did that she just threw herself at me and I don't even know her na...." I cut him of "why would you be sorry" I said with a fake smile. I left the tea and walked out while I yelled "I don't need a ride! I'm going with Niall"

I took up my phone and called Niall we had exchanged numbers at nandos. He picked up "hey Mariana what's up" "hey Niall would you mind if I came to your place Harry is making out with some girl" "omg typical Harry, sure my room number is 1076" "on my way" "see ya" great.

Me and Niall was just chatting and then he looked at the time "oh shit we have to get ready" he said "why it's just a get together" he started laughing. "What?!" I said "Louis get together is a huge party were you have to dress up." He said still laughing a bit. "But I don't have any clothes" I said sad "don't worry my sister comes and visits sometimes she has some spear clothes you can borrow" "yay thanks boo" "welcome" he showed me a couple of clothes and I'm going to be honest my dream job is working as a fashion designer so a lot of my money goes to buying nice clothes. My point is that I have a very particular taste and I must say I was impressed. He picked out a nice grey dress that hugged my curves perfectly and I matched it with som black pumps and a gold necklace. I flat ironed my hair and I know... why would his sister leave a flat Iron. Well she didn't it was Niall's lol. When I was satisfied I walked out to Niall sitting on his couch "you look stunning" I walk over and give him a hug "thanks you don't look to bad yourself" I winked at him and we both chuckle. "Ready to go?" Yeah I say. I grab my phone real quick and read the screen

14 missed calls from: sexyharry

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That felt good. I followed Niall to the car and off we were.


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