Omg cant believe it!! Kicked out again... Whatever. My parents hate me and have no faith in me whatsoever. I don't blame them tho but now the only school left is a school that is mostly about singing,dancing and the history of music... Guess I will have to go with it, that was until I found out I had to share a room with nr.1 douche


Harry styles


3. 3.

Harry pov

Omg nooooooo she choose me!!! Fuck! I can't deal with having a crazy obsessive girl around me all the time!! I don't want to!! The guys are so happy they don't have to live with a crazy fan, I don't blame them tho. I wish she could of picked someone else. I get mobbed of fans enough as it is! I was thinking in the shower as usual I was finished in the shower so i wrapped a towel around me and was on my way to the closet but then I heard the door and all I could think was great her comes the screams! The door opened and a drop dead gorgeous girl was standing there. The crazy thing was that she didn't look like she was going to faint or scream! Perfect. I could feel myself smirking so I said while we had eye contact "well you must be Mariana" she responded with "aaaa dude didn't want to put some clothes on did ya?" I totally forgot I must have zoned that out while looking at her... I blushed but it was kinda funny. But then I felt surprised, the fact that I had gotten something totally opposite from what I thought! The boys are gonna be so jealous!!!

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