Omg cant believe it!! Kicked out again... Whatever. My parents hate me and have no faith in me whatsoever. I don't blame them tho but now the only school left is a school that is mostly about singing,dancing and the history of music... Guess I will have to go with it, that was until I found out I had to share a room with nr.1 douche


Harry styles


2. 2.

I had just said my goodbyes to zac and was standing outside of the room fumbling in my pocket for the room key, when I opened the door a guy was in the middle of the room with just a towel. He just smirked and said "well you must be Mariana" I responded with "aaaa dude didn't want to put som clothes on did ya?" He blushed but then a look of surprise flashed over his eyes" I dropped my bags and went over to the bed, before I culled lay down I felt his eyes and turned around to seeing him looking me up and down with a cheeky smile. "Curls why are you staring" I said sassy. He chucked and then he went serious and more surprised went trough his eyes... "Why are you so surprised?" I said jumping in the bed.. "Uhhh nothing your just so different" he said his voice almost shaking "I have to go" he followed up "ghee thanks whatever have fun" I said sarcastic.

When he finally left I decided to freshen up a bit and headed to the bathroom. It always depends on my mood about how I feel about what I see in the mirror. Today I felt so plain... Like everyone else nothing special. I had blonde long straight and really thick blonde hair, very blue eyes, full lips, dark eyebrows and a slim nose. My body was an hourglass shape, I had really big boobs and I had been doing some squats so my butt wasn't that bad either;) I did self defence so I had a toned stomach as well. I put on a grey tight dress that hugged my curves in the right way a leather jacket over and put on some eyeliner and refreshed my skin makeup. I already had mascara, eyebrows and lip balm on. I brushed my hair and grabbed my keys i felt like going out! I called my best friend Amber and she said she would come and pick me up so I had to go to the reception and wait for her.

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