Surviving Guide to Life

Do you ever feel like you're lost? Do you ever feel like you desperately need help? GOOD! Uh, I mean, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! From the very basics to the most complicated things, from TV to torture, from singing to a broken-down nail, I will guide you through everything Life has to offer! ... Just never forget about Step #0 ... (This is the part where you click 'read')


1. Introductory

If you opened this Movella, then chances are that you need guidance in Life. Or you are bored, and have nothing better to do. Anyways, I have experienced some things, and I'm ready to share my knowledge with all of you!
But before you'd go any further, be warned: there are some pretty disturbing, depressing, and chokingly hilarious subjects that I will cover. You can never know what's up next in this world.
If you're brave enough to go on, please, enjoy the ride.

~Violet Flox Lovegood

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