The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


8. 06 | help


Sunday's were a usual quite day at Helen Walkers office. As most of the agents worked from home on that day, or took the day off for family. So generally she wasn't expecting the entire Avengers squad to come bursting through her office door...but then again, nothing surprised Walker anymore.

"What the hell is 'Operation Nightshade' and why are my teams names in it" Steve spoke first while slamming down a large folder on Helen's desk in anger.

A relieved feeling overcame Walker as she grabbed the file quickly and checked for any missing papers.

"Very well done Avengers, I gotta say I'm quite impressed. Where did you track it to?"

"A small Hydra compound outside of Greenland. It was tough but we managed, got them some level 10 hackers there." Stark bragged while observing the slightly bland office they had strolled into.

"You ever think of maybe adding a bit of color or decorative items to this place? Kind of dull if you ask me-"

"Stark. Helen, answer the question. Why are our names in that file? What the hell is Operation Nightshade?" Steve cut into one of Tony's very famous off topic Stark rambles, while giving Helen a stern look. Walker let out a tired sigh before setting the file slowly onto the table and crossing her hands. The avengers staring her down intently awaiting an answer.

"7 years ago the US military managed to catch an asset by the code name Nightshade. We had been chasing her for over 30 years, to and from every continent. From what we could dig up on her, her name is Vivian Laurier, and she was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1922. She's been alive for almost 100 if it weren't for you and Mr. Barnes over here Captain, we would never have thought that possible."

The interested looks on Bucky and Steve's faces were enough to set the rest of the team into curious states, each leaning in tentatively.

"Now we don't have much information to go on, cause like Barnes, she doesn't remember a whole lot from her past, and if she did, she sure as hell ain't that easy to get it out of. But what we do know is, that she was a 22 year old waitress at a small NYC bar for 2 or 3 years before she was experimented on. We believe the experiment was conducted shortly after you went under Mr. Rogers...but by who and why is not a concept we have managed to work out yet."

"And also like Barnes she was brainwashed and put to work as a enhanced Hydra operative for a good amount of years before she was sent to kill the last US president. That's where she slipped up, was cornered and captured. She feels no remorse or guilt, and sits at a record of 252 known kills, 64 being target mission, 189 being innocent. This girl is dangerous, and unstable. And I want to help her, but I need your team."

The room sat silent for nearly 5 minutes as the group continued to glance at each other unsure. 

"What do you expect us to do?" Wanda's timid voice spoke out first, breaking the silence.

"I want you to help her like you helped Mr. Barnes. When I look at this girl, all I can see if hate and sign of any moral values. No human should ever be looked at as inhuman." Helen's voice said gently while glancing down at the file that sat in front of her.

"Oh so we just cured one crazy and now you want us to cure another?" Tony said dramatically while gesturing towards Barnes and shaking his head.

"In case you forgot Helen we're wanted by over 70 countries. The US government wants our heads on a stake. Us being here right now is escalating the chance of them getting exactly that!" Tony's voice dripped with dry humor as he continued to pace around the room in annoyance. All Stark jokes gone out the door.

"I've talked to the US leaders of the defense and they're willing to allow this on the agreement that their names remain off the records as well as their resources."

"So what, if things go wrong you can throw us to the wolves?" Sam pitched in while crossing his arms and leaning on the wall across from Walker.

"If things go wrong we throw her to the wolves...and we deny the avengers and the government having any involvement in the entire thing."

If looks could kill, Natasha Romanoff would've murdered Helen Walker twice. It was no secret that Romanoff had no love towards Walker, and Walker had no love towards Romaoff. The only reason being...Natasha saw exactly who Helen truly was. An evil, deceiving, lying woman.

"Where is she?" Steve prompted leaning onto the desk and towards Helen.

"Woah, Woah, Woah. You're not seriously thinking of making a deal with this woman are you?" Stark cut in quickly.

"Tony, this girl needs our help. I can't turn a blind eye to this."

"Oh you and you're pathetic Captain America self righteousness, you're going to end up getting this team locked up, or worse Rogers...killed. Hasn't anyone told you not to make deals with a snake." Tony whispered angrily while glancing at Helen. Romanoff nodded her head in agreement before looking back at Walker.

"Where is she?" Steve pushed again, dusting Stark's words off to the side. 

"She located in a prison within these coordinates" Walker answered while pointing to a spot on a map she had pulled up on her tablet.

"That's the middle of the Atlantic." Sam pointed out while looking at her like she's crazy.

"It's an underwater prison, we built a few years back. Built to contain something a little more...larger" She said while glancing at Romanoff. Natasha knew exactly what Walker was hinting onto with her words, the name itself causing her heart to sting slightly. Bruce Banner.

"You'll have to break in and break out. She'll be too weak to fight, so it should run smoothly, but if not, take this." Walker quickly reached in her desk and pulled out a small hand gun, handing it to Steve.

"It's not a gun don't worry. It fires two large dart-like electrodes delivering an extreme electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing neuromuscular incapacitation." 

"So it's a tazer" Stark said smugly while looking at Roger's sarcastically.

"Something much stronger than a tazer Mr Stark." She replied while smirking before handing Sam the tablet.

"The prison shift change is around 10:30 pm, that would be the best time to enter undetected." 

Steve glanced at the rest of his team before nodding his head and grabbing the items.

"Oh and Rogers?" Walker's voice caused them to freeze their exit.


Helen pulled a small paper out of the file that sat in front of her and handed it to him.

"It's the profile on Nightshade...I thought you might want to study up on it. Better give it to you now before you go out and try to steal it...Good luck." She joked causing him to smile slightly and nod in thanks.

The avengers took their leave quickly and undetected by any agents that remained at the small base before they headed for the abandoned SHIELD headquarters they had been staying at.

"This is great Roger's, you should be proud! you've managed to strike a deal with the devil. You know she's going to stab you right in the back first chance she gets." Stark said sarcastically before laughing bitterly and starting up the quinjet.

"Ya well, I was never good at ignoring my curiosity Tony...and neither were you." he repeated Stark's words while taking off the gloves of his suit.

And though Roger's couldn't see it, a small smile was tugging at Tony's face.

























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