The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


4. 03 | waking up


NEW YORK (1945)


"There have been no signs of discovery for the past few months of America's beloved Captain, but a statue has been placed within Washington's well known Smithsonian in his honor, and as a sign of our everlasting gratitude to the sacrifices he made to keep our country saf-"

The female radio-like voice was cut short by a grunt of displeasure, causing Vivian to stir back into consciousness. Vivian's eyes quickly retreated back shut from the harsh brightness before she gave them a few seconds and slowly attempted to open them once again, successfully allowing them to adjust to the lighting of the room.

"America's beloved Captain" A male Russian voice hummed sarcastically before chuckling bitterly. Viv's eyes quickly shot towards the owner of the voice that stood hunched over a table on the other-side of the room.

Her eye's shooting around the room in panic. From what she could tell she was in some kind of hospital room or lab. How the hell did she get here? Vivian's mind evaluated the question for a few seconds before a series of flashbacks evaded her head making her eyes clench shut and her body shake uncontrollably.

Caucasian male. Threat level: high. Attire: Black hoodie, black jeans, black work boots. Profile: Dark brown hair, green eyes, noticeably large scar across forearm, large snake tattoo located on the side of his neck. Height: 6'1. Weight: approximately 187 pounds. 

Vivian's eyes shot back open with shock, as her head continued to repeat the small details of the man that had attacked her over and over. She had a perfect memory of who attacked to her before she was knocked unconscious. That's a mere 10 seconds to evaluate every single detail of her attacker. That's impossible. 

"Ah, you're awake. I was wondering when you were going to open those pretty little eyes of yours."

I loud groan escaped Viv's lips as a series of pains shot through her temples. Attempting to clutch her head, her hands were quickly jerked back into place by leather straps that sat on he wrists. A louder cry of discomfort following shortly after as more pain shot down the back of her head.

"Don't worry the suffering will pass soon enough. It comes in waves." the male chuckled as he continued to watch Vivian's body jerk with pain.

"Soon you'll become immune to the pain and you won't feel a thing." 

Vivian's eyes widened as her vision became clearer. Everything seemed as if it were in slow motion. More colorful or bright? It was almost as if she could hear her own blood flowing through her veins.

"What the hell did you do to me? Where am I? Who are you?" She managed to gasp out quickly from the overflow of the new heightened senses.

The mans face quickly dropped it's joking demeanor at her words, as a look of seriousness over lapsed his face. Turning his back to Vivian he opened a large metal briefcase sitting on the table behind him and continued to talk.

"Society is at a tipping point between order and chaos. My Uncles work on the winter soldier was a gift to mankind. He shaped this century...Now I am going to shape this era." He spoke darkly before turning to face Vivian once again. This time a large needle with purple liquid inside it sat in the hold of his right hand.

A small lump found it's way into the back of Vivian's throat at his words. Her heart pounding uncontrollably as he began walking towards her with the strange substance. She closed her eyes in hope that this was all a bad dream and she'd wake up right before the bad thing would happen, like always. But this wasn't a dream. This was real, and Vivian knew it. She just didn't want to believe it.

"My name is Viktor Strucker miss Laurier, and I am with Hydra. Welcome to the Ultra program."







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