The Eighth Avenger

She was supposed to be the very last option. The plan Z for any and all government situations no matter how dangerous.


3. 02 | darkness


NEW YORK (1941)


Vivian Laurier worked countless hours providing food and drinks for the loud soldiers seated in her small bar on the corner of Brookedale and Riverside, New York every night. She knew that not only did she have to serve these brave young men with the best food and booze their heart desires, she had to do it with a smile on her face and a pip in her step. 

Vivian knew that showing any sign of displease or tiredness on her face could trigger anything in anyone. After all, she hadn't seen the close up horrors of the war going on like these men had, hadn't been into battle, or witness the death of a friend. She did however know the faces of people who had, and she wished she could take every ounce of pain and hurt right out of their hearts, cause that's just the kind of person she was.

"Viv, could ya spare another round for me and my mates here, we're shipping off tomorrow night and I'd like to make one last toast before I return home to my misses" 

Vivians focus shot away from the small shot glass she had been drying, to the loud soldier standing behind her. A large smile overtaking her face when she saw the table of drunk smiling men he had been pointing to.

"Of course Leon, this ones on the house" She replied softly while pouring another round of shots for the cheering men.

"Oh Viv, you're one hell of a lass, you know that? Make my departures even more brighter than the lovely alcoholic beverage you're pouring there" Leon's thick irish voice somewhat slurred out, as a dopey grin over took his face.

Viv stiffled a giggle by biting her bottom lip at the happy soldier that couldn't take his eyes off the beverages she continued to pour. She quickly but carefully placed the now full shot glasses on a platter, delivering them to the table a stumbling Leon had returned to before mumbling a "you're welcome" when each soldier yelled a cheer of thanks.

Vivian had to be one of the most loved women in all of New York, well the most loved woman to the drunk soldiers of New York that is. No matter how loud and flirty each man got, she would always find a gentle and nice way of guiding them away, or letting them down easy, the regulars liked to call it 'The Viv Way'. Rays Bar had gotten ten times more popular since he had hired Vivian 2 years ago, as it was now the main army drinking spot in all of NYC.

"All right Ray, I'm checking out for the night, I'll be in tomorrow morning bright and early. Don't miss me too much" Viv shouted jokingly into the kitchen as she unattached the familiar apron from her waist and returned it to it's hanger. A small smirk overtook her face when she heard Ray's loud laugh as a reply before taking her leave out of the small little bar, giving a quick wave to the last of the soldiers inside.

Viv had been walking home every night from work ever since she had first started at the corner bar, as there was no need for a car cause she only lived a few blocks away from the location and it wouldn't have made much sense to waste such money on one. But the past few nights, something felt slightly off about the streets, in a way she couldn't explain.They seemed more quiet and peaceful, yet slightly darker than usual. It gave her a small feeling of something, or someone watching her every move.

She quickened her pace slightly, tucking her small hands into the pocket of her long coat in hopes to keep them warm from the chilly New York air. A small rattle from behind her caused her to freeze mid step and whip around. Her eyes searching wildly for the source of the odd noise. After a minutes a relieved breath had left her lips when a small cat had appeared from behind a metal garbage bin on the side of the sidewalk, settling her nerves slightly.

Rolling her eyes in slight annoyance, she huffed at the dumb cat before turning around and walking again. But before Vivian could take her second step she had spotted a pair of black boots on the ground in front of her, causing her to stiffen in fear. Gaze quickly following the boots up to the face of the man standing in front of her, Vivian attempted to let out a scream as he lunged for her. The mans hand over her mouth made it difficult to let out a yell of help, and Vivian knew that even if she succeeded with it, no one would hear, and no one would come. 

"Oh Vivian, I've been dying to meet you" His voice causing a fearful shiver to run up Vivian's spine as she fought in his grip, attempting to escape.

"We all have"  

The man's last words caused Viv to slow her movements in both confusion and panic. We? Her faltered movements allowed the man to adjust his grip on her enough to smash her head against the brick wall a few feet away from them and render Vivian unconscious

But before Vivian had completely fallen under the grip of the darkness one last fearful thought had overtaken her mind. Whoever this man was, and whatever he wanted with her, he was going to get it, and that's what scared Vivian the most.





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