Can You Feel The Love Tonight (A septiplier fanfiction)

When Mark is playing a horror game all alone, he hears a lone knock on his door and goes in attack mode. But, when his "attacker" is his crying best friend, what will he do?


3. Collaboration Time!

After Mark changed into jeans and a tank top, he exited his room to ask Jack what he wanted to do for their collaboration video. He knocked on Jack's door and waited for the reply.

"One sec!" Mark heard the Irishman call. Mark waited outside of Jack's door for a minute before the door swung open to reveal Jack in his flamingo shorts and a t-shirt. "What's up?"

"I was just wondering if you had any ideas for what to do for the collaboration." Mark said with a smile.

"Oh, uh, I dunno. Maybe we could do a challenge or something? It seems like I haven't done one of those in forever." Jack suggested. Mark nodded.

"That sounds fun." Mark thought for a second, trying to figure out what challenge to do. "I know!" He exclaimed suddenly, surprising Jack. "I have this game of twister that I've never opened. Wanna try it?" Mark's eyes were filled with excitement as he looked at Jack.

"Uh, sure Mark, that sounds fun." Jack sounded slightly hesitant and Mark couldn't understand why.

"We don't have to do it if you don't want to." Mark said with a sad smile on his face.

"No, no, it's fine." Jack covered quickly.

"Okay, if you're sure." Jack nodded and Mark went to go get the game. He motioned for Jack to follow him into the living room where he went to clear a space for the mat. After setting the game up, Mark went into his recording room to grab the stuff he needed to record. "Ready?" He asked Jack. After getting the nod of approval and a small smile, Mark started the camera and backed up next to the mat before beginning his intro.

"Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and today, I have a special guest." Jack jumped into the view of the camera.

"Top of the mornin' to ya laddies, my name's Jacksepticeye!" Jack said, slightly quieter than usual so that he wouldn't get Mark in trouble for loud noises or anything.

"Today, Jack and I are going to be playing Twister. And no, no sponser. So, here we have the mat and the spinny thingy that tells us what to do all set up. Now," Mark began. "I shall spin the spinny thingy first." Mark bent over and spun the wheel to tell him what body part to put on what color. "Left foot on blue." He read and moved into place. Jack took his turn and read the wheel after it stopped.

"Right hand on yellow." Jack moved into position and handed Mark the wheel. Mark took his turn.

"Left hand on green." Mark reached across the mat and placed his left hand on the closest green circle there was. "Your move." Mark said and Jack reached for the spinner.

"Left foot on red." Jack stretched his left leg to a red spot. Mark spun.

"Right hand on blue."

"Right foot on green." Jack stretched his legs across the mat and placed his right leg on a green spot, leaving his left leg on a red spot.

"God damn Jack. How're you so flexible?" Mark asked with a laugh. Jack shrugged as Mark spun the spinner yet again.

"Right foot on yellow." Mark looked around the mat for a spot he could place his foot. The only one he could see was behind Jack. He tried to place his foot on the spot multiple times but only found a possible position after the seventh time. He slithered his leg around Jack and placed his foot on the spot. Jack blushed furiously as he went to spin the spinner. Jack accidentally leaned too far back and fell backwards, pulling Mark down with him. Jack and Mark both flinched as they hit the ground. Mark had luckily slid his leg out from under Jack just before he fell so nothing was hurt but his torso was twisted in an odd position as he hung over Jack, his hands placed on the ground just above Jack's shoulders, their faces inches from touching.

"Um... I win?" Mark said questioningly as both he and Jack blushed furiously. Mark tried to turn his torso to get back into a proper position to get himself back up but his hands slipped and he fell face first onto Jack's lips. Both men freaked out and Mark righted himself before pulling himself up swiftly and standing. It wasn't until then he realized that the camera had been recording the whole thing. He knew all the Septiplier fangirls would freak if they posted it so he made a mental note to delete the video ASAP. He offered his hand to Jack to help him up. Jack took it cautiously and stood. They both avoided eye contact as they stood there awkwardly. Jack was the first to move.

"I'll be in my room if you need me." He said before rushing down the hall. After shutting his door, he flopped onto his bed. "UGHHHHH!" He screamed into the comforter hoping it would muffle the sound enough. He assumed it did since Mark didn't come rushing to check on him. Why did the universe seem to want them together? They both had loving girlfriends. Just then, Jack remembered that he didn't anymore. A tear streaked down his face and he scooted up the bed and shoved his face into his pillows and proceeded to cry.

Mark was confused. He liked Jack but only as a friend. Right? That's what he always told himself but now he was really wondering if it was true. The kiss, no matter how accidental it was, ignited something in him. He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about Jack anymore. Then he remembered Amy. He thought back to all the times they had kissed. None of them left Mark feeling like this. He wondered if he really did have feelings for Jack. Mark began to feel his body freak out. He had a girlfriend. He wasn't gay. One accidental kiss with your best friend who just happens to be the same gender as you doesn't make you gay. But, it might if you get the butterflies in your stomach you've heard about that you don't get with your actual girlfriend.

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