Can You Feel The Love Tonight (A septiplier fanfiction)

When Mark is playing a horror game all alone, he hears a lone knock on his door and goes in attack mode. But, when his "attacker" is his crying best friend, what will he do?


2. After Breakfast

After the boys finished their food, they walked back to Mark's house, a wave of exhaustion covered Mark like a blanket.

"I'm gonna go take a nap." He said sleepily. "If you brought your stuff you can record in my recording room." Jack nodded.

"Thanks again Mark. I really owe ya."

"Not a problem, Jack. Don't break anything. There's a pool out back too." Jack got an excited look in his eyes as he rushed to his room to change into something he could swim in. Mark giggled as he lumbered to his own room to take a nap.

Jack changed into a pair of swimming trunks he had packed and practically ran to the pool before making a large splash with a cannonball. The water was chilly which felt good in the L.A. summer heat. He did a few flips underwater before deciding to relax on the inflatable pool bed thing Mark had. Before he knew it, Jack had fallen asleep.

Mark woke up to a silence. Too silent with Jack around. He got up and went to the pool and saw Jack taking a nap with his torso, face, and shins looking burnt. Mark smirked and went back to his room to change into his own pair of swim shorts. After doing so, he walked back to the pool and tried to figure out the best way to wake up Jack. He decided a sneak attack would be best. He lowered himself into the water and swam to the floating man. Mark cupped his hands and filled them with water before releasing it on Jack's face. After seeing the man wake up with a start, Mark turned the bed and flung the Irishman into the pool. Laughing hysterically, Mark regained body composure enough to heave himself onto the bed.

"My bed." He told the green-haired pouting man that popped out of the water.

"Oh yeah?" Jack asked, a mischievious grin on his face as he swam closer to the bed.

"Yeah." Mark said, his arms crossed over his chest as he looked up with a "kingly" look on his face. "And there's nothi-" Jack interrupted Mark's speech by turning the bed back to it's proper position.

"HA!" Yelled Jack with a smug grin on his face as Mark mimicked Jack's pouty look. Suddenly, his pout changed to a large grin as he pushed himself to the wall and swiftly pushed off towards Jack. Jack's face contorted to fear before morphing back to a grin as he attempted to swim away from Mark. Mark became within arms length of Jack and grabbed his leg.

"OWWWWWWWW!" Howled Jack as he stopped swimming and looked back at his leg.

"What's wro-?" Mark started asking before noticing his hand was gripping Jack's sunburned leg. "Oh gosh Jack, sorry. We should get some afterburn stuff on that." Jack nodded and swam to the pool ladder before pulling himself out of the pool. Mark followed then grabbed two towels from the pool towel rack he had outside and handed one to Jack. After quickly drying himself, Mark motioned for Jack to follow him to the bathroom. He pulled some afterburn stuff out of the cabinet and handed it to Jack. Jack walked to the mirror and his eyes got big.

"Holy. Shit." He said to his burnt face. The opened the bottle and sat on the edge of the tub to apply some of the afterburn stuff to his face, torso, and legs. He stood and looked in the mirror at his back to see it was slightly burned. "Would you mind?" He asked Mark, hoping his light blush wouldn't be seen with his sunburn.

"Not at all. Those things can hurt like hell." Sympathized Mark as he grabbed the container from Jack and squirted a small pile onto his hand. He began rubbing it onto Jack's back  into a thin layer. Jack winced a bit at Mark's hand, noticing it was quite warm. "All done." Mark said after a minute. 

"Thanks." Jack said. Mark nodded in acknowledgement.

"Do you want to do a collaboration today or would you rather not let people know you're here?"

"We can do a collab if you want." Jack said kind of quietly. "I'm gonna go change." He walked off to his room to change out of his wet swimming trunks. Mark was slightly confused at Jack's reaction but decided to ignore it and go change himself.

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