My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


3. Chapter 2

My heart starts pounding in my chest and I shakily text back, Who is this? Were you the one who robbed my home? I stare out the window, clutching my things close to me. I watch as the houses blur together as rain begins to pour down. My phone starts going off and I frown. I look down and open the text. Don't worry who this is honey, what you should worry about is what I am capable of xx. I glare at my phone and close it just as it vibrates again. I open it and I start shaking, Don't talk to the police Em, that will be your worst mistake xx. I shake my head and shove my phone in my purse.
I go inside the hotel, the police accompanying me and I check in. Room 201. They walk me out of the office and lead me to my room. "We are going to go back to your house." One of the officers says and I nod. "Should we keep one officer here?" He suggests and I nod.
"That would be a good idea." I say, standing in front of the door of my room.
"I will stay." The younger of the men pipes up, he has sharp features that make him really attractive.
"Are you sure Tomlinson?" The older one asks hesitantly.
"If it is alright with you ma'am." Tomlinson turns his attention to me and I nod.
"That would be fine." I murmur and he smiles a breathtaking smile at me and I weakly return his smile.
"Well alright, I will try to collect as much evidence as possible to bring in the culprit ma'am." The older one says and I nod. He turns and walks away and I clutch my things closer to me, looking at Tomlinson.
"You probably want some sleep." He says, handing the key over to me.
"I don't think it's at the top of my list, no." I say, shrugging and he looks around.
"Well, this may sound inappropriate but I mean in it the most professional way. Would you like to grab some ice cream?" He asks and I can't help but crack a smile. 
"As long as it doesn't get you in any trouble then I guess that will be okay." I say, blushing slightly.
We are sitting on the hood of his police car and I am slowly eating some gummy bears that are planted on top. "I am Louis, by the way, you can call me Louis or Officer Tomlinson, whichever you are more comfortable with." He says, smiling at me.
"I am Emma." I say, shaking his outstretched hand.
"I-." He is cut off by static from his walkie talkie. He puts it up to his ear and listens, nodding to himself and then looking at me. "I have to take you back to your room now." He says, hopping off the hood and putting out his hand. I take it and slide down and we both climb in the car.
"What is happening?" I ask as he starts the car and drives us back to the hotel. 
"There were some fingerprints found, we are not for sure of whose they are so we are sending it in to our forensics team for further investigation." He says and I nod.
We pull into the parking lot and I get out, him following me and we go inside. He escorts me back to my room and I look at him. "I will either have to send him backup or leave you alone here." He says and I turn and slide my keycard through the lock and unlock the door, throwing it open. 
"I will be fine, thank you Louis." I say, nodding at him.
"No problem." He says, smiling at me. He nods at me and then turns and leaves. I take a deep breath and turn back to my open door and walk in. I walk in and turn on the light, closing the door behind me and locking it. I walk in and stop. On the table is a bouquet of flowers, not just any flowers. Angel's Trumpets, a poisonous bunch. I hesitantly approach the bouquet and notice the paper on the table beside it. I quickly pick it up and step away from the vase. I flip open the piece of paper and my heartbeat speeds up.
I am coming for you next Em xx -Anon

Author's Note

Omg, finally, I am such a little shit, I know but I updated and I hope you enjoyed it, we are really excited to get this going, I love you all. So, until next time Rejects -Cxx

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