My Mother's Boyfriend 2

This is set 2 years prior to the massacre that is MMB.


13. Chapter 12

"What are you talking about?" I ask and he sighs.
"We found your mom." He says and I frown.
"And?" I ask and he itches his head.
"I misspoke, we found your mom but we are sure that Harry is alive and Liam." He says and my eyes widen.
"What?!" I ask, my breathing speeding up.
"Hey, hey." He says, grabbing at my arms but I push him away.
"H-he is still alive?! How in the hell?!" I sit on the bed, trying to control my breathing.
"We don't know that." He says and his voice becomes distant. I rest my head in my hands, closing my eyes and focus on my breathing. When I can finally breathe normally, I slowly look up at Louis who is standing there, talking to the other officers.
"There is a chance that that lunatic, who almost killed me and kidnapped me, is still alive and is running about, god knows where." I say, trying to process this new information. "If there is a chance that he is alive, is there a chance that Zayn is alive?" I ask and he shrugs, walking over and sitting beside me.
"There is no reason not to believe that he is alive." He says and I sigh.
"I just want that monster to go to jail and for everyone to be safe." I say and he wraps an arm around me and I hug his neck.
"I want you to be safe." He says and kisses my cheek and I hug him tight.
"I will be as soon as we get location on him and find my brother." I say and he nods.
"We will do our best." He says and I nod. He stands up and huddles with the other cops and then they leave and he comes back over to me. "We are going to figure this out." He says and I grab his cheeks and pull his lips to mine. He grabs my hips and I hug his neck. 
"Thank you for everything." I say, keeping my lips pressed to his.
"My pleasure." He says, hugging my waist. "I uh think you should go to your therapist." He says and I look up at him.
"I think that's a good idea." I say, smiling slightly and he picks me up and hugs me and then puts me back down.
"Now, I have to go." He says and I nod, kissing him again. He leaves and I sigh, sitting down. Liam is alive and he is going to try to kill me.

Author's Note

UPDATE!! I hope you like it, I love you all! Until next time! -C

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