How Did We End Up Here?

The new girl, 17 year old Taylor, finds life in a new city and at a new school difficult. Being the new girl isn't always easy, but once Taylor begins crushing on one of the most popular guys in school, Luke Hemmings, life for her gets more complicated than she could have ever imagined. Secrets are revealed and the need to be with Luke grows stronger as the school year progresses. How will things turn out for Taylor? Will she end up being with Luke, or will she end up being crushed? Read to find out what happens!! (Will be updating every Monday)


3. "Who's That?!?!"

    When The time for lunch came, I quickly picked Amber out of the crowd in the lunchroom and ran over to her. As I did we both let out a little squeal and did our secret handshake. (Oh, come on!! Our hand-shake it secret, you didn’t think I would tell you what it is, did you?) After standing in the lunch line for what seemed like an eternity, Amber and I got our food and sat down at a large round table by one of the floor-to-ceiling windows that had a nice view of the school’s garden out back. 

    Goodness, it was so nice to be with Amber again! I know it sounds really sad, but Amber and I hadn’t seen each other since the summer before starting 9th grade, when she moved to California with her family. I guess we just kind of got busy and lost touch. Also, it was kind of hard to catch tickets for a flight to California these days. My family was so busy all the time and liked to save money.

    As Amber and I caught up and chatted about the past couple years, a tall, handsome, blonde haired guy wearing all black and ripped jeans walked right by hour table. Oh goodness, he smelled so amazing and his hair was perfect. HE was perfect!! I was almost immediately attracted to that handsomely tall human-being, but Amber caught me gazing longingly at him and snapped me back to reality. 

    “Who’s that?!?!” I asked Amber in a flirtatious tone. Amber just stared at me with a look of confusion and perplexity as though she were trying to put together a puzzle or solve a tough riddle. 

    “Oh, that’s just Luke Hemmings, one of the most popular guys in school. He’s usually pretty dark and quiet around everyone and keeps to himself, but like all the girls in the whole high-school are attracted to him!” she answered after a long minute. “Why do you want to know?” 

    “Oh, just because he’s…you know…well….SUPER HOT!! How could I NOT be interested in a guy like him?!?!” I whisper yelled to Amber.

“Taylor, I don’t think you wanna get involved with a guy like him. He’s seems like trouble and also, don’t you think he might be kinda out of your league?” Amber responded slowly.

    “Well, I like him and I don’t care if he’s out of my league or seems like trouble. Maybe you just don’t know the real Luke! Maybe he’s really sweet under all that quietness and toughness and I’m going to find out myself!” I exclaimed to Amber triumphantly.

Amber just glanced at me with a look of surprise and disbelief. 

“Well good luck with that…” She said, taking a sip of her blue Powerade.

    As I finished my lunch and headed to my locker I knew that I instantly had a crush on Luke Hemmings. I just had to figure out a way to talk to him so I can get to know the REAL him. I hadn’t crushed on anyone since the 8th grade and was not the best with guys, but I kew I’d figure something out. Maybe this would be the year that everything changed! 

As I lay in bed that night I couldn’t get Luke out of my mind. I could still smell him and his face was engraved in my memory. I kept on replaying the moment from lunch over and over in my head, and before I knew it I fell fast asleep and sunk into a deep sleep filled with the day’s events.

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