How Did We End Up Here?

The new girl, 17 year old Taylor, finds life in a new city and at a new school difficult. Being the new girl isn't always easy, but once Taylor begins crushing on one of the most popular guys in school, Luke Hemmings, life for her gets more complicated than she could have ever imagined. Secrets are revealed and the need to be with Luke grows stronger as the school year progresses. How will things turn out for Taylor? Will she end up being with Luke, or will she end up being crushed? Read to find out what happens!! (Will be updating every Monday)


1. First Day Frights

        I was rudely awakened early Monday morning by the continual “BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP” of my noisy alarm clock. I unsuccessfully tried to fall back asleep, but after 10 minutes of listening to my annoying alarm clock drone on, my mom bought me an alarm clock without a snooze button due to the fact that I had trouble getting up in the morning, I finally rolled out of bed. I drowsily walked over to my stand-up mirror in the corner of my room and gazed at my reflection for quite some time. I examined my tired face and my messy bed-hair, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and headed to my some-what large walk-in closet on the other side of the room. I scanned through my (limited) selection of clothing, trying to figure out what to wear for my first day of 11th grade at a new school. 

    My family had just moved to California about 3 weeks ago and I registered to go to school at California East High. I would be going there for my Junior and Senior year, as long as my family didn’t move before then. Today I would be starting my first day at CEH and I was a nervous wreck. I always worry about first impressions, maybe a little TOO much. To me, first impressions are everything and I wanted to make the RIGHT one at CEH. 

    After scanning my closet for about 5 minutes, I just grabbed a floral tunic top and jean jeggings, as well as a classy pair of brown wedge boots. I typically didn’t go for this look, but I was just in a “floral” mood this morning. 

    Once I threw on my clothes, I locked myself up in my bathroom, blasted some All Time Low music, and continued to ready myself for the day ahead. I did my makeup, combed my hair and decided on a half-up/half-down hairstyle (which made my wavy, light-brown hair look beautiful), brushed my teeth, then headed downstairs for breakfast.  As I quickly glided down the stairs, I caught a glimpse of a photo of my old friends and me in Nashville hanging up on the wall. I gazed at it longingly, having flash-backs of all the wonderful memories with my old friends back in Nashville. I missed them very, very much, but I knew that I would make new friends at my new school.

    After breakfast, I said goodbye to my mom and dad and quickly glanced at the clock. “Oh great!!” I thought to myself, “It’s only the first day of 11th grade at a new school and you’re already going to be late!!!! So much for a good first impression…”

    I ran out to my light yellow Volkswagen Bug, hopped in, and drove off. As I drove to CEH, I tried to pull myself together and calm my nerves as I listened to some nice classical music on the radio (Once again, not really my style, but I was in the mood for it). 

Upon arriving at California East High, I knew my adventure was just beginning. I glanced at all the cliques standing out by their nice cars and chatting excitedly with one another. “If only I had a friend I could tap to…” I sadly thought to myself. 

    When I finally gained the nerves to go throughout the large CEH doors, I immediately saw the chaos of high-schoolers eagerly pushing through the crowds of people to make it to their friends. This really didn’t help with my nerves. I had never really been to a school this big in my life. As I began to brave the crowds and make my way to my locker, I saw a familiar face down by the brightly-colored vending machines down at the end of the loud, crowded hallway. I squinted, trying to make out the familiar face and suddenly gasped when I realized who it was. The familiar face I had spotted in the crowd of high-schoolers was my old friend, Amber. I guess she never got the chance to tell me that she went to the same school that I now attended!! As I continued to stare excitedly at Amber, I decided to wait until later to approach her. She seemed to be surrounded at the moment by friends of her own and I didn’t want to interrupt. As I turned back around to my locker and began unloading some of my books and folders I smiled as I thought to myself, “Maybe this school year won’t be so bad after all!!”


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