Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


7. Winter



The next morning I wore curly's glasses to school. He lied about not being able to see, because these glasses barely had any medicine in them. When I met my friends on the side of the building they looked at me like I was a weirdo. "You're still wearing those?" Alexis said when she saw me. 

"Yup and I'm going to continue to wear them all day, until the owner comes to get them." I said smiling bright. Jasper was sitting on the steps of a locked side door. He was lighting a joint, and Dana was sitting in his lap. They weren't exactly a couple, more like friends with benefits.  Still it made me want something. 

"Who is the owner?" Alexis asked. "I still don't know his name." I said laughing, she shook her head and nodded toward the front of the building. "You're not smoking today?" I asked and she shook her head. "Got a big test today." I nodded, even though she loved to smoke, she knew how important her grades were.

We both walked around to the front of the building, I noticed curly walking toward the school, he had headphones in and a hoodie on. He saw me and smiled, I smiled back, but kept walking. Me and Alexis walked off to class.


After lunch dragged past, I decided against going to History class with little old Ms Newly. I went to our normal skipping spot. Sadly I was the only one out there, Alexis had a surprise pop quiz in her physics class, and Dana and Jasper got dragged into in-school detention, for skipping their

morning classes. 

I was sitting by myself watching the gym class go out onto the football field. Almost instantly I recognized Curly.  I had the sudden urge to get up and go talk to him. And I was about to when I heard footsteps. I turned around to see a guy with dark, almost black hair come around the corner. 

"Let me guess, boring class." he said, I leaned against the school building and nodded. "Yea, and you're out here to smoke I'm guessing." I said, he smiled and nodded, pulling out a cigarette and stuck it between his lips, he held one out to me and I shook my head and pushed the box away. He shrugged, putting the box back in his pocket. He lit the cigarette, then leaned against the wall blowing the smoke into the air. 

"So can I know your name?" he said looking at me taking another breathe of smoke, I smiled at him. "You're in my spot buddy, you tell me your name." I said, he must of been the new guy everyone had been talking about today. I'd never seen him before, and I knew everyone in this school. Including the girls that people like to group me with calling us the 'Seasons'. 

"You have a point, I'm Calum. And you are?" he said tilting his head toward me. "I don't know if I wanna tell you." I stuck my chin high in the air, and he laughed. "Aw come on that's not fair." he complain making me laugh. "I'm Winter." I said and he raised an eyebrow. "So you guys got Summer and Winter, what about the other half." he said I rolled my eyes. "They are somewhere around here." I said sighing, he looked at me seriously. "Wait, are you saying there are girls here name Fall and Spring?" he questioned and I laughed. "Autumn and Spring, yes." he looked so shocked, then he leaned against the wall looking up, and taking another long breath of smoke. "Wow"

"Yep, You seem pretty cool, you should come by in the morning, there's normally a little group of us over here. Some smokers for you to befriend." I told him and he nodded. "I might just have to take you up on that." I laughed and nodded then I walked back around to the front of the building leaving Calum there with is cigarette. 




I waited by the stairs of the front door of the school, once the last bell of the day rang. I was standing there for maybe ten minutes when I saw Curly walk through the doorway. When he saw me he smiled, and I smiled right back. He made his way over to me, and as he got closer my stomach turned. 

"My glasses?" he said when he was close, I gave him a confused look. "Glasses?" I said playing dumb. "Not funny, give me my glasses." he said making me pretend to pout. "You're no fun." I complained and reach for his glasses on my face. He stopped me and grabbed them slowly from my face. I study his face carefully as he pulled them from my face. His smiled turned into a smirk, and his eyes sparkled. 

I could feel my knees go weak, but I wouldn't let them give in. "Stop looking at me like that." I said and he laughed. "Fine, I just won't look at all." He said closing his eyes shut, I laughed at him and he reopened his eyes. "You're cute." He said surprising me, and he laughed at me. I took a deep breathe and broke my gaze from him, but immediately looked back at him. "What?" he said, I leaned in close to his face. I wrapped my hand around his glasses, and looked him in the eyes. "I like you." I whispered, I slipped his glasses out of his hand and turned and skipped away. 

I looked back only once to see him still staring at me, I bit my lip and turned away again. "I still don't know his name." I said to myself, laughing.



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