Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


3. Winter



"Come on pass it already." Alexis said next to me I looked at her confused only a moment, when Jasper reached across me to hand her the joint. I laughed at her as she coughed taking a drag. "That kids is why you don't smoke." I said being the only one out of our group that didn't smoke. They always were trying to get me to do it, but I always refused. Still I enjoyed being around them.

"Oh shut up little miss pure." Dana said grabbing the joint from Alexis. I laughed and stood up. "Alright as fun as it is to skip class, It is just as much fun to go to art class." I said and Jasper looked at me puzzled.

"You don't have art right now." I smirked and laughed. "I know." I walked away from my three best friends, as they all passed the joint around once more. I strolled through the hallway, as I made my way to the art room. I slipped inside the door without Mr Wilkins noticing with his head down, as usual. I walked around looking at everyone's drawing. They were all so boring, flowers and trees and lakes and rivers. Then I noticed one, It was water, but the water formed a girl's face, as if were being poured onto her.

"You're a good artist." I said, I looked at the person drawing the picture. A boy with curly dirty blonde hair, he had on glasses and his eyes were a hazel greenish color. "Thanks, you're not so bad yourself." he said showing off his dimples. I smiled at him confused. "What are you talking about you haven't seen one of my drawings." I protested. 

"You're Winter Gomez, everyone has seen your art, on the side of the school building." He whispered the last part shocking me. "How did yo-" "I've seen your signature before, and we had the same art class last year." he said. 

"I don't know, I think I would remember a good artist as yourself." I said sitting on the table next to him and his drawing. "Maybe you just weren't looking." He said, I leaned forward looking him straight in his eyes. I stayed there for a minute, then sat back up sighing. "Hmm maybe you're right." I heard him laugh, so I glared at him. 

"You're not as bad as you pretend to be." he said, "Bad? So that's what people think I am." I said thinking about it looking away. "Well you hang around potheads, and you do graffiti." he said.

"They're not potheads, they just relax differently. And it's not graffiti if you're asked to do it." I said jumping off the table. I leaned in close again. 

"I guess you're right." he said, I smiled at him.  "I am right. I'm always right." I said smirking, I grabbed his glasses and put them on. "What are yo-" "You know, you have really pretty eyes." I said looking from the ceiling to him. He looked a little shocked, and I laughed. "You're glasses hide how sparkly your eyes are, therefore you're not getting these back." I said shaking my head. 

"What. I need those to see." he said reaching for them but I moved quickly. "Fine then, you can get them back tomorrow, after school. If you can find me." I smiled and he looked slightly interested in my little game of hide-n-seek. I bite my lip smiling and bounced away and out the classroom, I walked back to find my group of friends. 

"Who's glasses?" Dana asked when she saw me. That's when I realized I never asked his name. I furrowed my face together. "Honestly, I have no idea." I said starting to laugh. "Typical Winter, and we're the ones that smoke." Alexis said. "I have my own kind of drug." I said defending my carelessness.



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