Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


9. Summer


By Thursday morning, Calum was walking to and from school with me. And let me tell you it was not fun. Out of the very few days I'd known him, I learned he was an absolute and utter douche. He claimed to have a bad history with blondes, but he didn't want that to alter his opinion on me, but he couldn't fool me. The guy practically hating my guts for no reason. This morning we were walking and he decided to talk some crap about my relationship.

"So how long have you and Zac been a thing?" he said laughing almost. I looked at him. "Why do you want to know?" I asked and he looked at me like I was stupid. "Don't get the wrong idea princess, I'm just trying to make conversation." he said and I rolled my eyes. 

I was a genuinely nice person but he irritated me beyond return. "A year and a half." He scoffed. "So what you guys were friends before you started dating?" he asked and I shook my head. "I mean we knew each other, yes." I said and he looked at me weird. "No. That means you guys rushed into a relationship without actually knowing each other." He said.

"So What? We got to know each other." I said "Yea, after you guys forced each other into this commitment you probably weren't ready for. You guys jumped straight into the deep end, skipping right over the shallow waters." he said, he sounded angry but calm as well. "We wouldn't be together if we weren't ready. We wouldn't have lasted if things didn't work out." I said taking a deep breathe, my relationship wasn't his business. "Nobody forced anyone, we both liked each other." I said and he turned to me with an ah-hah moment. "You said liked." he said and I actually hesitated. 

"Because I love him." I said, he just rolled his eyes. "What's the big deal? It's my relationship, not yours. So just stay out of it." I said walking ahead of him and into the school parking lot. I glanced back when I was closer to the building. He drifted off toward the potheads, one girl came out of nowhere and jumped on his back almost making him fall over.  I turned away and continued to find my friends by my locker.

By lunch I found out Zac didn't show up today, so I texted him and check on him. That's when I realized he didn't text me all day, I worried a little bit but pushed it away. I decided I'd go see him today.

When the last bell rang, I made my way towards the front entrance. I started to walk when Calum ran up behind me. "Why do you insist on walking with me?" I said once he caught up. "Because we live close to each other." he said simply. "We'll I'm not going home today. So you can walk by yourself." I said I was unreasonably bitter, from this morning and then not seeing my boyfriend all day. 

"Where you going?" he asked being the nosey prick he was. "To see my boyfriend." I said, I looked up at the clouds that were forming. It looked bad and it wasn't even raining yet. I hadn't noticed Calum get quiet until I realized he was no longer walking beside me. I turned and saw him looking at me, it wasn't anger or that stupid smirk he always wore, it was something else. 

"What?" I said, I didn't know why I stopped, why I tolerated him or why I was standing here ten seconds from a downpour instead of being cuddled up with my boyfriend. "You shouldn't go see him." he said, he's voice was soft for the first time since I met him.  I looked at him like he was crazy. "What do you mean? He is my boy-" "Just please, Summer! Don't go see him." he snapped at me, but didn't make eye contact. 

"Why not?" I asked stepping closer he knew something,but he said nothing. "Calum why not? Why shouldn't I go see him?" I asked I saw his jaw tense and relax. He looked toward me finally making eye contact. He half-smiled. "Because I like you, and if you go see him I'm just one step further from you." he said. 

I stood there as the rain began to pour down, wide eyed, and confused. "What?"



hehehehe Here comes the first bumps in the road. 





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