Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


1. Summer



Summer Madison.

I wrote on a piece of notebook paper, as I did everyday. For some reason everything I did today felt out of place and strange. Something was going to change today, I just don't know what exactly. I got through my Calculus test with flying colors, I made a perfect pot in ceramics, I sat with Zachary, my boyfriend, at lunch today and had a good conversation. My team won dodge ball in gym today, and I hit three home runs at softball practice today.

Everything was normal, or so I thought. I walked my normal route home like usual. Since it was Monday, I didn't have to stop to get my brother, even though he was in middle school, we still walked together. He had practice, and tutoring, so he wouldn't be done for another hour, and I knew dad would drop by and get him. 

As I made my way up our hill I noticed a teenage boy, maybe a year or two older than me. He had jet black hair and sun kissed skin. He was tall, and muscular. I didn't notice him because i'd never seen him before, no I notice him because of the slamming door, and the yelling. 

He came storming out of a house that use to be for sale, the door opened up again to reveal a older women, she looked Asian, maybe. I wasn't sure, but she was yelling at the boy telling him to come back inside. He just ignored her and climbed onto a motorcycle in front of the house. He threw on a helmet, and started the engine. The women began to run out of the house after him, but he began to pull off. 

I hadn't noticed I was walking toward them, until the boy almost hit me. I jumped out of the way just barely and he halted to a stop. He ripped off his helmet, and looked at me blankly. 

"Sorry." I mumbled, my voice had never been so small, I felt vulnerable, I didn't like the feeling. I heard him laugh under his breathe, he shook his head and threw his helmet back on. He looked back at me once more, and even with the helmet on I could see his smirk. Quickly he pulled off, leaving me standing there.



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