Four Seasons

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.
The four seasons, for four boys.

5SOS Pre-fame. Short Story, Quick write.


10. Autumn



Michael never showed up on Tuesday, the next day I looked around for him. I wanted to ask what happened,if he was mad at me, but he didn't come to school. When I got to school today, I looked around once more, but nothing. At lunch I went to my normal spot, and sat searching hoping he may have come. But I gave up well after ten minutes and focused on my lunch. 

I opened my fruit container, and reached for a strawberry. Then there was another hand, it grabbed the strawberry I reached for. I looked up at greenish grey eyes. He smiled at me as he bit the strawberry. His lips were so pale that the strawberry stained them instantly. "What are you thinking about?" he said smirking, I hadn't noticed I'd been staring at his lips. I shook my head and took my eyes off of him. He sat down next to me. 

"Where were you Tuesday?" I asked. "Why? Were you waiting for me?" he asked I could hear the flirty tone in his voice. I glared at him. "I gave you a time, and you were suppose to be there. Clearly you're not taking this seriously." I said. "I'm sorry, Something important came up." His voice was soft and serious now.  I looked at him and he was looking at the sky. He peaked over at my some what worried face. "No need to worry." He laugh. 

"I'm not, you could've told me something came up then I wouldn't have had to wait." I said eating the rest of my fruit. "So you were waiting?" he said, and I felt suddenly nervous, I looked at him and he had a warm smile. He poked my cheek and I pushed his hand away and ran my hand over my cheek. 

"You pretend you don't care and you don't have anything to say. And you let people talk bad about you, and start rumors. But still you're a sweet and kindhearted person, even if you don't want to admit it." he said, I wanted to not care about what he said but my smile crept through. I looked toward the ground. "Thank you." I mumbled. 

"No problem." he said softly then he turned his body toward me and pulled a chemistry book out of his bag. "Do you think we can maybe make up Tuesday's session right now?" he asked hopeful. I smiled at someone for the first time in a long time, and nodded turning my body toward him pulling my legs to sit crisscross.

We opened his book and went over what he was having problems with, then we met after school and went back to my house. He freaked out about how big my house was for a long while then we got serious and sat at the dinning room table and started working.



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