5 Seconds of Dentistry

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and calum are four dentists. Lukes sister Abbie, is afraid of them since they are her dentists. She secretly likes Ashton


9. Trouble


I got home around seven. Calum and Ashton wanted to go out to eat dinner after work. I unlocked the front door, I saw Abbie Face Timing her friend Alondra. "Hey! I'm home. Did you eat dinner?" My sister turned around facing me with her phone. "Yeah. I finished up your leftover meatloaf." I didn't care she ate that. I really didn't want it anymore. "Okay. Hey Alondra!" I peeked into the phone. "Hey Doctor Hemmings! I might switch dentists, so I might go to you." Ooooh. A new patient! "Wonderful. Just stop by for a consultation with us." A smile appeared from my sister's friend. "Will do. After when I leave there." I nodded and left to go to my bedroom. "Hey. I gotta go to bed. Long day today. See ya tomorrow." I heard Abbie say. "Hey, since you are done, brush up." I hit the fourth step of the stair. My annoyed sister moaned. "I know. OW!" 

I went back down to see what was wrong with Abbie. She was holding her cheek. That's definitely her wisdom teeth that are hurting her. "Are you okay?" A nervous look came upon her face. "I uh bit my cheek." I laughed at her excuse. "No you didn't, that's your wisdom teeth. Let's sit by the couch and let me look." I gestured her to come with me. "It's my cheek, not my teeth!" My sister was shaking. "Riiight. Lay down. I don't have gloves but that's okay." My hand patted the couch. Abbie stormed where I was sitting. "Thank you for listening." I smiled as she laid on my lap as she opened her mouth. 

"Well, there is a piece of plastic stuck in the back of your wisdom tooth. What did you have before you got home last night when Mike dropped you off?" Abbie stumbled, "Micheal  and I had coffee and I have a bad habit of biting straws. You know that." I nodded and got her up off my lap. "I know. Lesson learned for you. Now I think it's going to effect the tooth even more now." My sister waited me for more things to say. "So, what now?" She yawned. "We need to fix that in the morning." My sister wanted to cry. "Whatever happened to Sunday?" I pointed upstairs, "Things happen. Easily brush back there and go to bed."


I did what my brother told me, got my PJs on, and Ichatted Alondra. 

FutureMrsIrwin: Hey girly. I don't know if you are asleep or not. Please write me back. 

Alondraprat: Hey! no not yet. Is there something wrong?

FutureMrsIrwin: The surgery is tomorrow. I don't know if you are up to picking me up tomorrow.

Alondraprat: I thought it was on Sunday? 

FutureMrsIrwin:  Yeah about that, I have a bad habit chewing straws and it got stuck in between the teeth of my wisdoms.

Alondraprat: Oh brother. I don't think I can pick you up tmrw cause I have to babysit my neighbors kids!

I rolled my eyes and sighed, then continued the conversation. 

FutureMrsIrwin: Fine. I will let one of the boys take me home after. 

Alondraprat: Hopefully it will be Ashton. lol

FutureMrsIrwin: Oh hush! I will talk to you tomorrow and can you please send me the assignments for school? Thx

Alondraprat: Sure. Night. 

I slammed my laptop shut and went to bed.

~The next day~


I wonder how Abbie is doing this morning. I thought when I opened the door of my office and saw Calum on my chair. "Hey mate. Why are you on my chair?" I laughed. Calum smirked saying, "Well your soon to be girlfriend had a problem last night with one of her wisdom teeth. She was chewing on a straw. I don't get patients like that?" I was getting worried. "Then why hasn't Luke call me and tell me? Are they at the hospital already? Let's go!" Dr. Hood shrugged as they left the office to go to the hospital. When we got there, Dr. Hemmings was all ready for the surgery. "Why didn't you tell me what happened last night?" I slapped him by the arm. "I was too tired to tell you." He laughed. "That's a dumb excuse. Now let's get your sister better!" After we were done getting ready, I sat behind Abbie. She was half way asleep. 

"A-Ashton. Finally, you are here. My dang brother put anesthesia in me before you came." I chuckled as she spoke. "Shhh... I know. Count back 10 and i'll see you soon." I rubbed her cheeks as she drifted to sleep. As the surgery got done, we waited for awhile for Abbie to wake up. "Good job boys. We have to wait a little until little sis is awake. Hey Ash? Michael, Calum, and I will clean ourselves while you wait. Is that okay?" I laughed at the question. "Is that a trick question? You guys go and I will take care of Abbsters." I sighed when they left. I decided to put blankets on the shelf to waste time. Out of nowhere, I heard an ow! She's finally up. I went to her and gently lifted her head. "Hey sleeping beauty." I smiled at my friends sister. "That was quick. I-um need to go to the bathroom."

Abbie tried getting up from the bed but I wouldn't let her. "Let me help you up and I will text Alondra to take you home." I grabbed her by her underarm and took her to the bathroom. "Thank you." My woozy patient smiled. I couldn't but chuckle at her poor swollen face. "Your'e welcome Ms. Chipmunk. I'll let you do your business and I will text Alondra." The poor girl was confused, "How did you get her number?" She was now going to the bathroom. Oh god. "Dr. Hemmings. Your brother." She rolled her eyes by hearing Luke's professional name. "Big surprise." 

Abbies P.OV.

I waited for Dr. Irwin to come back and get me out of the bathroom. Just in time, he was right behind the door. "Hey Abbie Love! are you done in there?" I couldn't but laugh how he's treating me like a baby. "Yeah. What did Alondra say?" I watched the door open. "She said she's dropping everything and she's on the way." We both walked back to my bed. "Thank god for Alondra." I slowly sat down. "Need anything else you need?" Ashton looked into my eyes. "A kiss on the cheek will do." I started to blush. "AWW. Okay." He sat next to me as his warm lips touched my cheek. "Better?" He smiled as I nodded. "I will let you rest, and I will get these scrubs off and my mask is starting to itch my chin." He waved as I sighed. Ah dang it! I want my phone. Irwin didn't give back my phone! oh lord. I hope he doesn't go on my phone!

I waited patiently if Doctor Irwin would come back. Knock knock. My eyes widened as I heard the knock of my hospital bedroom. "Alondra? Is that you?" I was looking for a face by the door. It was Calum, Luke, and Michael. "Hey sis! How are you feeling?" The boys walked by me. "How am I? Well lets see.... I am in pain and I hate you guys. Ashton took my phone and I need to know if Alondra is here to pick me up." Michael started to laugh, "Hopefully he won't go into your phone." I rolled my eyes. "That's what I am thinking. Can you be a sweetheart and get it for me Clifford?" 




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