5 Seconds of Dentistry

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and calum are four dentists. Lukes sister Abbie, is afraid of them since they are her dentists. She secretly likes Ashton


8. Embarrassment


After my appointment, I went to the front desk for a time and day for the surgery. "So, you think my eyes are beautiful." Shoot! Calum told him! Ugh. "Hi. Ashton. I erm. Yeah. Take the compliment." I started to blush. A giggle came out of his mouth. "When are you available for the surgery?" Dr. Irwin reached over the computer. "Well, I can do it over the weekend since I have school." I waited for a response while he was drumming a pencil. "We are booked on a Saturday. What about on a Sunday at 3:00. Luke will tell you the details and what hospital it is at." Ashton grabbed an appointment card to write the time and day. 

"Thanks." I grabbed the card out of his hand and went back to go to Luke's office. As I reached the door, I knocked. No sound. Thank god! I opened the door and sat on his chair. I grabbed my phone out of my bag to text Alondra. Hey. What an embarrassing and horrible appointment! She was typing for a minute. Oh brother. Tell me all about it. I laughed in my head. Well first thing is that I have to get my wisdom teeth out. You have to pick me up at a hospital which is called The Melbourne Hospital. The other thing was that Calum told Ash what I said. I told him that I wouldn't see Ashton's gorgeous eyes if I was asleep, I told him not too! 

That text was sent after Luke came into the room. hmmmm.... He's laughing. Great! It probably spread now. CRAP! "Hey Lukey." My brother was waiting for me to get out of his seat. "Hey Dr. Irwin's secret admirer. Get off the seat and we will talk about the day of the surgery." I rolled my eyes at him and did as told. I slumped down the guest seat and listened. "Mmmm.. Alright. Ashton told you that the hospital is at Melbourne. The whole gang will be at your side for the whole procedure. Did you ask Alondra to take you and bring you home?" I nodded, "I texted her but when you came in, I didn't get the chance to read her text back." Dr. Hemmings drank out of his mug and gestured me. "Go ahead and check."

I dug for my phone out of my bag. Oh the good times. Sure. What time will it start? Thank god for a friend like Alondra. Thanks. It will be around 3:00. Will that work for you? "She said yes, but still confirming her for the time." I looked up at the doctor. "Perfect. The day would be on a Sunday. We are packed with patients on Saturday."  I wrote Alondra back the day. "Done." I sighed. "Want to go home?" Luke grabbed a piece of gum out of his jacket pocket. "Yes please. This day is making me tired." I put my head on the hard desk.

Let Michael take you home. He's free at the moment." Yay. "I'll see ya tonight." I quickly ran out of the room. Dr. Clifford was on the computer at the front. "Hey Mikey." I knocked on the staff door. "Hey lovely. What's up?" He took his eyes off the monitor. "Can you please take me home?" I begged. "Sure." Michael shook the keys out of his pocket, then stood up. "I'm ready." We both leave the office. Ahhhh...... what a relief. "I actually don't blame you not liking us. We are odd people." My brothers friend laughed.

"Thanks for believing me on that." I laughed too. We both got into his Mustang and drove off. "Hey. Wanna go for coffee? Don't tell your brother though." I smiled and shook my head. "I won't." 

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