5 Seconds of Dentistry

Luke, Ashton, Michael, and calum are four dentists. Lukes sister Abbie, is afraid of them since they are her dentists. She secretly likes Ashton


1. Office Work

Lukes p.o.v.

The boys and I own a dental clinic. So it basically means all of us are head chief surgeons of the place. My sister Abbie, hates us for some reason. This morning, I did my daily routine, and put on my scrubs. I head downstairs, and I saw Abbie eating chocolate in the morning. Why? I thought. "Abbie, Why are you eating sweets in the morning? You know I'm a dentist and I'm against that don't you?" I went to the coffee to the coffee maker to get my coffee. "I hate it when you do that." I took a sip of my drink. "Sorry Dr. Hemmings." She rolled her eyes at me. "I have to run. Calum texted me saying there's an emergency." I grabbed my keys and kissed my sisters forehead. "Tell Ash I said hello." She yelled behind me. "Will do sis." I closed the door. I walked to my car and started to head out to the road.

Michaels p.o.v.

I was getting annoyed about Luke not being here. Ash, Calum, and the poor patients mouth bleeding, were in front of me. "Where is he mate?" I looked at Calum putting gauzes in the patients mouth. "Dude, I just texted me to hurry. He's not responding!" Ashton shushed Calum. "He will be here. Don't worry." Ash gave Calum suction. About thirty minutes later, the door opened. "Finally you are here!" I sighed of relief. "Where were you?" Calum gave the patient a rest. "I slept in lads. Sorry." Luke went by the sink to wash his hands, put on some gloves, and a mask. "What is your name sweetheart?" The lead surgeon sat next to me. "awiana." Our client mumbled. "Ariana lad." I corrected. "Alright, let's see what the damage is then." Luke fixed a couple of teeth and she was all better.

~Break time~

Lukes p.o.v

It was finally lunch time. I was getting hungry while we were doing Ariana's appointment. I went to the cafeteria and I saw the others eating. "Come and sit with us Luke." Ashton smiled. "I will. Oh, Abbie says hi by the way." I grabbed my lunch out of the fridge. "I think she likes me man." Ashton took a bite of his apple. Calum and Michael laughed. "It's cute though." Michael complimented. "Now Ashton, don't let her know you knew about this alright?" I looked straight into his eyes and sat down.

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