All is not what it seems

The Maurauders. Ever wonder what life was like for them? Voldemort rising in power, taking over the world-- And yet, they were all in school, having petty fights, spreading rumors, all those things teenagers do. Read on to find out about the world they lived in.


1. The Train

James Potter sat alone in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. He wasn't technically alone, but a sleeping boy hardly counted. He was bored. He'd tried every method of waking the boy up, but none had worked. So he gave up. 

Just as James was going to go join another compartment, a boy with shaggy black hair, slightly longer but not that different from his own, appeared in the doorway.

"Hey, everywhere else is full. Can I join you?" the boy asked.

Grateful for some company, James nodded vigorously. "Of course you can! I'm bored out of my mind!" He exclaimed.

"My name is Sirius. Sirius Black." Sirius said.

"My name is James. James Potter." James replied. The two became fast friends, and didn't even notice when a girl walked in. Shortly after, they didn't notice a boy walk in, until they heard him say a sentence that nobody should say.

"You'd better be in Slytherin.


A/N: Sorry it's so short. I'm also going to write one about James, Albus, and Lily, Harry's kids. Please view it! Also, comment, like, favorite, the usual. I'm holding a competition. Submit entries for a character of your own, and I'll choose one on Saturday. That character gets to be in the book, and the creator gets a shout-out. I'll also read a book of yours of your choice and comment. Hurry before Saturday!

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