All is not what it seems

The Maurauders. Ever wonder what life was like for them? Voldemort rising in power, taking over the world-- And yet, they were all in school, having petty fights, spreading rumors, all those things teenagers do. Read on to find out about the world they lived in.


2. The Sorting and Starting a Feud

"You'd better be in Slytherin." It was that boy that had come in, talking to a very pretty girl with long red hair. Her eyes were red. She'd been crying. 

"Who wants to be in Slytherin?" James asked. "I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" he asked Sirius, who didn't smile.

"My whole family have been in Slytherin." He said. The sleeping boy started stirring, but none of them paid him any heed. 

"Blimey! I thought you'd seemed alright!" James exclaimed playfully. This time, Sirius smiled. 

"Maybe I'll break the tradition. Where're you going, if you've got the choice?" He asked.

James lifted an invisible sword into the air. "Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad." The boy let out a snort, and James rounded on him. "Got a problem with that?" He demanded.

"No." The boy said, although his sneer said otherwise. "If you'd rather be brawny than brainy,-" James cut him off.

"Where're you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither?" James asked. Sirius roared with laughter. Again, the sleeping boy stirred but, again, nobody paid any attention to him. 

The girl stood up. "Come on, Severus, let's find a different compartment." She said, giving the boys a withering glare.

"Ooooh," James and Sirius imitated her lofty voice. The pair left.

"See ya later, Snivellus!" James shouted after him. Sirius laughed even harder.

"Snivellus! That's a good one!" He said. The sleeping boy stirred again, and this time he sat up, fully awake. 

"Hello. Who are you calling names?" The boy asked.

"Some kid who thinks he's a wise guy. I'm James Potter, and this is Sirius Black. Who're you?" James asked.

"I'm Remus Lupin." Remus replied. 

"Sorry we woke you up." James said. 

"No worries. I was awake the whole time you were teasing that Snape kid." Remus replied.

"He's a Snape? No wonder he looked like that. How'd you know that?" Sirius asked. 

"I've seen him before. He lives near me and that girl. She's a Muggle-born, and her name is Lily Evans." Remus informed them. 

"Well, whatever her name was, she was pretty." James declared.

"You like Evans?" Remus asked. 

"Wow, James. You like a girl who hangs around with him? I doubt she'll even talk to you, it looked like she was into that Snape kid, and you were kinda mean to him." Sirius pointed out.

"I'll bet you twenty galleons that she's going out with me by seventh year." James declared, louder.

"I'm going to hold you to that." Remus and Sirius said at the same time. 

"Hey, I've got an idea." James said suddenly. "How about we become best friends, michief-makers, and pranksters. We'll discover everything there is to know about Hogwarts, and once we have, we'll make a map." 

"That sounds cool!" Sirius exclaimed. Remus nodded.

"I like the sound of that. But maybe we don't get in too much trouble...?" Remus said, almost like it was a question. 


"Black, Sirius!"  McGonagall called out. Sirius swaggered up to the stool, put the Hat on, and sat down. He looked cool even when he had a had that came past his eyes on. After a few minutes, the Hat called out, 


Other names were called out, then,

"Evans, Lily!" 

Lily walked up to the stool, looking very nervous. The hat had barely touched her red curls when it called out,


More insignificant names were called, then, 

"Lupin, Remus!" 

Remus hurried up to the stool and pulled the Hat on. Then, 

"GRYFFINDOR!" and Remus joined Sirius and Lily at the Gryffindor table. Somehow, Lily had ended up near Sirius, and she did not look happy about it. 

More names that James didn't care about were called, until finally, 

"Potter, James!" James walked up to the stool, looking more relaxed than even Sirius had, and put the Hat on. 

Hmmm... said a little voice in James' ear. Hmm...  I don't see you going into Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. You have several qualities of Slytherin,  James looked appaled, the entire hall could see it. but no... That's not right. That leaves us with only one option,

"GRYFFINDOR!" James swaggered down the steps and to the Gryffindor table, where he sat inbetween Lily and Sirius. James was pleased with this, but Lily obviously hated it. The only other name James payed attention to was Snivellus's, who was immediately sorted into Slytherin. He looked sadly at Lily, who gave him a sad smile. Soon after, the Sorting was over and the feast began. Once James had eaten his fill, he decided to do something daring. Standing up, he stood on top of the table right in front of Lily. The entire hall went quite within thirty seconds. Once he had complete attention focused on him, James started talking.

"Lily Evans, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." He began. Far from looking pleased at the complement, Lily was staring daggers at James. Unfazed, he continued. "And even though you may hate me now, I can gaurantee it that you'll be going out with me by seventh year. I've even bet Sirius and Remus twenty galleons. If you're not, then I promise to make sure that your life is perfect for every second after that. Thank you all for your attention." James sat down. Remus was chuckling, but Sirius was laughing so hard he thought that he'd broken his ribs.

"Did you see McGonagall's face? She was so mad!" Sirius whispered to James. Lily leaned towards the two of them.

"James Potter, you are the most despicable human being I have ever had the misfortune to meet!" She said, not troubling to keep her voice down. "If you speak to me again, I will personally make sure that you will wake up a week later in the hospital wing!" With that, Lily stood up and stalked all the way to the other end of the table. James just grinned after her. 

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