All is not what it seems

The Maurauders. Ever wonder what life was like for them? Voldemort rising in power, taking over the world-- And yet, they were all in school, having petty fights, spreading rumors, all those things teenagers do. Read on to find out about the world they lived in.


3. Plotting against a Certain Someone

"Really, James?" Remus asked.

"What? I'm not allowed to publicly embarrass the girl I like in the hopes that it will make her see that I love her and make her go out with me?" James asked.

"No, you're not." Sirius said. "That was such a stupid thing to do!" He had trouble adding this, because he had dissolved again into fits of laughter. 

"That was brilliant." A small voice from James's left said. He turned, and saw a slightly overweight boy standing there, looking surprised he dared to come talk to the boy who wasn't afraid to make announcements to the entire hall.

"Why thank you, thank you very much." James said, standing up and making a mock bow. "I'm James Potter, by the way." He added once he had staightened. 

"My name is Peter Pettigrew." the boy replied.

"Wanna be friends with us?" James asked, gesturing to Sirius and Remus.

"Sure!" Peter said, his round face lighting up at the prospect of becoming friends with this group. 

"Okay then. That's okay with you guys, right?" James added over his shoulder.

"Course." Sirius said, and Remus nodded. 

"Brilliant! This is Sirius Black, and this is Remus Lupin." James introduced his friends.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." All three boys said at the same time. 

"So, Peter." James said, then paused, looking for a topic of conversation. "Do you like pranks?" 

"Um..." Peter said. "Not particularly." 

"Sirius and I love pranking people, so watch your back." James said with a totally serious expression. 

"James." Remus said.

"Remus." James said. 

"Who are you planning on pranking?" Sirius asked, a mischievous grin blossoming on his face. 

"I was thinking," James said, his grin matching Sirius's, "Snivellus." 

Peter began grinning, too. "Who's Snivellus?" He asked.

"Him." Sirius said, pointing across the hall at Severus. 

"Oh..." Peter said, grin growing. "Okay. What're we gonna do?"

"I have just the thing..." 


Sorry for the cliffhanger, guys! I'll try to update but, as you should know, I'm trying to focus on A Forbidden Love Story, for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child fanfiction competition! Please go read and favorite it!

Snoodles! -Ashlyn

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