Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


6. Chapter 5: IM HIS DAUGHTER?!

Chapter 5: IM HIS DAUGHTER?!

Slender's P.O.V

Sir.... maybe it's a good time to tell her. Masky says standing in the door way. But she would literally hate me if I told her this now.... it's too much for her to take in. I said sighing.

Sir, she's eventually gonna find out sooner or la- Masky got interrupted by Launa walking in saying. Hi Slender! Hey Masky! I'm going out for a kill just giving you heads up. she says chirpy as usual.

Erm... that's fine Launa have fun. I say awkward hoping she didn't overhear Masky and I talking. Sir, she's your daughter! she needs to know now! Masky says. Masky I'll tell her tonight.... I don't know how she's gonna react to this.

BEN's P.O.V ( don't judge bb's :3 )

I overheard everything! I can't believe Launa is Slendy's daughter!!! They do look similar but why would he wait to tell her until now? Ooo looks like I gotta do some gossip. I told hoody which he got mad at me for tryin to spread something import like this around.

I told Tobi which he was surprised that Sally had a sister, and I told the one and only Jeff and EJ at the same time. Jeff started laughing which EJ looked even more pissed than hoody. he grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me up. His razor sharp teeth in a clench while he has a tight grip on my shirt.

You don't spread that kind of rumors out especially if it's about Launa. he said really pissed. Well I-i-i ju- Cut the crap BEN when Launa finds out you were spreading rumors behind her back she's going to cut your throat open. Jeff said trying to stop his laughing. Crap... I forgot about that... I said thinking about Launa and shivered.

Now you better tell Slender that you know or Launa and him will kill your gamer ass together. EJ says putting me down. Fine. I huffed walking out and going to tell slender what I know and what I did.

Launa's P.O.V ( Dang I'm really changing up the P.O.V )

As I come home from a killing I walk in to see a HUGE argument. Hey, HEY stop it. I yelled flaring up. Everyone stopped and stared at me. What the actually hell is going on here. I already have Slender and Masky acting weird with me and I come home to all of you arguing! someone tell me what is going on! I yelled.

They all back up putting Slender on the spot. Well I'm Launa... I wanted to wait to tell you this and your probably gonna hate me for waiting to tell you this long.... your my daughter and well Sally is your sister, I put you with a adopted family after your mother died because I didn't want you to get hurt. He said.

I just stood there not saying a word. Launa.... he said trying to put his hand on my shoulder. Don't. I said bluntly. Give me some time to process this. I said walking up to my room locking it behind me.

IM HIS DAUGHTER?! I screamed in my mind. I look in my mirror. I do kinda look like him a bit and I do have Sally's hair color, but what about my mom..... I just was in my room for hours and hours. Everyone tried knocking on my door by I just ignored it. Finally Sally knocked on the door.

Launa.... can I come in please.... she said sadly. I opened the door and let her in. She dropped her teddy bear and hugged my leg. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner sissy. she said crying up blood. shhh no it's ok this isn't your fault Sally it's no ones fault. I said picking her up and hugging her.

We stayed like this for awhile till slender, BEN, and EJ come in the room. Sally feel asleep while I was rocking/holding her. Slen- Dad I'm sorry. I said walking up to him and hugging him while still holding Sally. He wrapped his arms around both of us. I won't let you go again. He said all father like.

Now BENA tell Launa what you did today while she was gone. EJ said really angry and I was confused. I handed Sally to dad (Slender) and looked down at BEN. Well erm..... where do I begin.

( After BEN explains the whole story )

BEN! you have 3 seconds to run before I stab you so many times you cant bear to see me. I said in a demonic tone. He literally shit his pants and ran for his little gamer life. Dad do I have permission to burn BEN's Wii? I said creating a flame in my palm. He sighs. Go ahead.

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