Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


5. Chapter 4: Waffle Show Down

Chapter 4: Waffle Show Down

Slender's P.O.V ( finally :3 )

I was making Breakfast like I do every morning till Launa came down arguing with Tobi I'm guessing. No I can make better waffles! NO! I can!! this kept going on for a few minuets till I yelled. ENOUGH! They both looked at me scared shitless.

I have an idea you two, for you to stop bickering over who's makes the best waffles... why don't you guys have a competition to see who makes the best waffles and Jeff, Hoody, EJ, Masky, BEN, Sally, and I could be the judges. I said.

That's a perfect idea slendy! Tobi yelled. Don't call me that. I said pissed off. Your gonna get your ass beaten Tobi. Launa said smirk cracking her knuckles. Really? I'd like to see that happen but wait that's not gonna happen today because ur ass is gonna get whooped. Tobi said glaring at her.

( Few minuets later )

Jeff, EJ, Masky, Hoody, BEN, Sally, and I are sitting down as Launa and Tobi are getting ready and preparing. Hey what about w bet? Tobi proposes. Ok what is it? Launa said smirking. Winner has bragging rights and gets to make waffles for everyone except the loser, the loser can't eat waffles for 4 whole months. Tobi said putting his hand out. Your on Rodgers. she replied taking her hand into his shaking it.

( After The Finish Their Waffles )

Tobi's P.O.V

I know I'm already gonna win this, I'm always the best at making waffles. But I doubt Launa will win. Yeah she's my friend and all but she can't beat The Amazing Tici Tobi's Waffles. First I let all the "Judges" try my waffles. They seem to like it except EJ and BEN.

Launa was holding back a chuckle and I glared at her. Launa hands her waffles out and it looks realllly different than normal waffles. Everyone seemed to enjoy her waffles! WTF!!! Since They were discussing who's gonna win or whatever.

Ok we have decided for our winner. Slender says. The winner is.................. LAUNA! BAM!!! Launa screams and smirks at me as I just stand there with my jaw wide open. Sorry Tobi... Launa's waffles were really good to be honest. Sally said. The recipe is simple. Launa starts to explain.

I just added some vanilla extract and cinnamon in it and Bam finished. Launa said proudly of herself. I just huffed and stormed up to my room. AYE TOBI! REMEMBER NO WAFFLES FOR 4 MONTHS! Launa shouts behind me. I snicker and shook my head. Well done Smith, well done.

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