Killing For Love

Launa isn't your average human. She has a side that only is turned on when she is blood thirsty. But some people used this for their Advantage. But her new life she is a proxy but she has a lover who would die for her and she would do the same for him. Follow their story in, "Killing For Love".


3. Chapter 2: Blood Thirsty

Chapter 2: Blood Thirsty

Launa's P.O.V

Jack has found where our first house is of the night. As we walk he tells me the plan and how I shouldn't be so messy when I kill the fort victim. But otherwise I can take any organ or whatever I want but I love Hearts and Kidneys.

I know, I know. Jack also loves kidneys... so what the hell? I can like them to if I want. I can already tell he and I are blood thirsty and starving. To be honest... I don't know when the last time I have eaten, but that's all gonna change.

( At the House )

I take my dagger out of my bra, honestly don't judge us woman have our secret compartments some place. As Jack takes out his hatchet securing his mask as I secure mine.

The house has a family of 5, The mom and dad, 2 boys and 1 girl. Jack had decided that he will get the mom, dad, and the boys, while I get the girl. I snuck my way into her window and her room is like a pink unicorn threw up all over it. I'm guessing she was around 6 years old but she will live no longer.

I started walking towards her and kept saying my line. "Night Night little one". She woke up crying and screaming but I put my hand over her mouth to muffle it. I stuck my dagger into her heart watching the life drain out of her eyes and skin.

Blood trickling down the dagger, I open up her chest and her back making it easier to get her kidneys and heart. I carved a special mark knowing I was here and jumped out of the window waiting for Jack.

Jack was taking his precious time as I was waiting for him and I got really inpatient. He finally jumps out of the window with 4 hearts and 8 kidneys making a run for it. Jack and I start our way running back into the woods to the mansion.

( Back At The Mansion )

Jeff, Masky, and Slender where the ones who greeted us in the front of the mansion. How did it go? Masky questioned. It went great! u said happily holding up my earnings. Well someone is happy about going on their first mission. Jeff said chuckling to himself.

To be honest Jeff I am. I said proud of myself. Don't get too cocky Launa this is your first killing, there will be a lot more. Jeff said walking back into the mansion. What crawled up his ass and died? Jack asked while lifting his mask off to eat a kidney.

Let's just say he's grounded for cursing in front of Sally. Slender said really annoyed. Jack and I tried holding back a laugh but kinda failed. Ugh you kids. Slender said still a bit annoyed walking back in. Well good job on your first mission. Jack said pecking ur cheek.

Aye Jackie watch where those lips go. I said playfully winking at him and earning a groan from him. I giggled and rushed back inside blushing. I put my earning in my room to find a Jack sitting on my bed. I laugh and sat next to him.

You know I'm really proud of you Launa. He said blushing a bit. Really? I'm not use to people saying that kind of stuff to me. I said blushing a bit. Well people should say it more often because it's true I'm proud of you. He said pecking my cheek.

Hey um Jack.... you know how I was saying about me liking a pasta. I said kinda nervously. Yeah.... what about it? he replied. Well... it's... erm... how do I put it... it's well.. y-. I got cut off by him smashing his lips onto mine.

I like you too Launa. He mumbled through the kiss. He pinned me onto the bed in mid kiss. We broke apart to catch our breaths and smiled. Launa other than being a pasta and a proxy, your one of the best things that has happened to me. Jack said laying down next to me.

Same here Jack... same here. I said cuddling up next to him. Why don't we both get changed and maybe you can sleep with me tonight? Jack said blushing majorly. I would love to Jack. I said pecking his lips. I would love to.

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