Meant to Be (A Marauders Fan-Fic)

Everyone knows the Marauders, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. But they don't know about us. The times when the Marauders haven't played the prank that got them into shit, we have, but we intend to go all out his year. I am part of a group, or pack of troublemakers. My name is Pitch, and I am a Miscreant...


8. 7|| Dumbledore Ships it at the Costume Competition

Pitch's POV

"Pitch, wake up," Rita sang, jumping on me. I groaned, because she wasn't really the lightest girl in the dorm.

"Bugger off," I moaned, my headache worse. The weight lifted off my legs, and I heard muttering, but I ignored it.

"1... 2... 3!" Splash! Ice water was thrown all over me. With an almighty gasp, I bolted upright, searching for the people behind this horrible trick, and laughing in the middle of the dorm were my fellow Miscreants.

"You bitches, I am going to kill you when my hangover is over," I growled. They giggled and ran out the dorm.

"Colloportus," I mumbled, locking the door and heading to the shower. They had soaked through my choice of sleepwear: a sports bra and shorts, so I just had a warm shower fully dressed... okay, I forgot to take them off. After dressing in my robes, I stumbled down to breakfast, not even bothering to wash my hair. My Halloween make-up was still on and I hadn't shrunk my teeth yet, so combine that with one hell of a hangover and no memory of last night after half of the third bottle of firewhiskey, and I probably looked pretty scary. A Slytherin decided to get in my way, telling me that my face looked like centaur poop. So, I kicked him in his groin, before hobbling over to my seat.

Sirius' POV

   Pitch looked awful. I mean, if looks could kill, everyone in the Hall would be rotting below Hell right now. Then again, if looks could cure hangovers, she would be prancing around, annoying as usual. In her bad mood, I prayed that she didn't remember the kiss.

"Black," Pitch said, catching my attention before smack! Her fist came into contact with my face, and she does not hit like a girl.

"That is for kissing me last night while I was so drunk I can't remember why the Fat Lady is so pissed off with me," she said angrily. I was about to argue and tell her that she literally asked for it, but before I could say anything, her arms were wrapped around me. I felt those weird sparks again. She pulled away, and blushed. Must have been really drunk.

"And, um... that was for taking care of me," Pitch muttered, taking a seat next to Evans. They started talking about something and I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"'ve got it so bad you don't even realise it," Evans said. Pitch groaned audibly and punched Evans' shoulder.

"I do not have it bad for him, I hate him! Besides, he hates me too." I felt a strange pang of jealousy while the girls spoke about this mystery boy. I stopped listening, not wanting to know who 'Mystery Boy' was.

Lily's POV

"Pitch, you have to tell him tonight! Dumbledore moved the Halloween competitions to tonight because somebody charmed the pumpkins to grow vine-limbs and wreck the Hall," I said accusingly. Pitch blushed.

"Guilty. Did the biggest pumpkin go after Potter and his gang?" she asked hopefully. I nodded. A mischievous grin spread across her face, and I swear she was picturing the incident.

"Earth to Pitch!! I have the perfect Muggle song for you to sing for your talent... and I'm trying to organise something for you, Potter and Black to do as a group," I said happily. She nodded and we went over our plans.

~the Costume Competition~

Pitch's POV

"There will be three categories. Best dressed witch, best dressed wizard and best dressed couple. The winners of those categories will receive a 5 Galleon Voucher to Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmead," Dumbledore explained. The teachers, or judges for tonight, returned to the stage to tally the results.

"The results are in. The best dressed witch is.... Lily Evans, dressed as a zombie!" McGonagall announced. Lily blushed and made her way to Dumbledore. They shook hands before the headmaster magically produced a sash with 'Best Dressed Witch' on it and handed it to Lily along with the voucher.

"The best dressed wizard is... Remus Lupin, portraying a very realistic werewolf," Professor Dangerfield exclaimed. Remus was given a voucher and a sash saying ' Best Dressed Wizard' on it. Finally, Dumbledore announced the couple.

"And last, but certainly not least, the best dressed couple is...Obsid-I mean Pitch and Sirius Black, the perfect vampire couple!" My jaw dropped. Not only did I win with Black, but Dumbledore thought we were a good couple! I walked to the stage, ignoring the wolf-whistles coming from Potter's big mouth.

"Why do we always end up together? Together in detention, together in Dumbledore's office, together when I'm drunk, and now, together winning a prize," I asked myself as I shook hands with the headmaster. Black and I received our vouchers, and our sashes said 'Best Couple' in them, which I pointed out to Dumbledore.

"Must've missed it, Miss Pitch. Too late now," he said, his blue eyes twinkling almost mischievously. Lily, Remus, Black and I stood on the stage as some of the students cheered for us.

"And now, Professor Dumbledore has informed me that the winners shall open the dancing with Miss Evans partnered with Mister Lupin, and Miss Pitch partnered with Mister Black," McGonagall announced, and I groaned internally. As Black lead me to the dance floor, I could've sworn Dumbledore winked at me, but it was probably my imagination.

Dumbledore's POV

   I watched as Obsidian Pitch danced with Sirius Black, gracefully waltzing around the Great Hall.

"They make a good couple. Don't you think so, Minerva?" I asked, turning to the strict Deputy Headmistress, who scoffed.

"I definitely do not think so, Albus! Those two trouble-makers together would mean the constant dilemma of having to watch ones back. Who knows what havoc they could wreak together!" Minerva exclaimed hysterically. I chuckled at her reaction.

"Well, I personally find their little pranks amusing. Mr Black and his friends call themselves 'the Marauders' and it appears to me that Miss Pitch and her friends are calling themselves something along the lines of 'the Misfits'. Alas, it is fate that the two of them are so perfect for each other. So, as the students say nowadays, I ship it," I stated calmly. Minerva looked at me like I needed to go to a muggle Asylum.

"You ship what, Albus?" she asked, confused. I explained to her about ship names for couples and everything I had learned from listening to chatting students.

"Alright," Minerva said, and we left it at that to prepare for the Talent Competition.

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