Wherever You Are

Luke is Lyric's best friend.They both like each other a lot.What happens when Luke has to leave her to go to England? Will the never talk to each other again or will their past bring them back together?


9. secrets

Luke's POV

I was about to go after Lyric when my phone rang.It was our manager."Hey" I said preparing myself for what he had to say "Luke! Hey,how's everything going with Lyric?" He asked."Not that well" I said nervously "Is she your girlfriend yet?" He asked "no" I said "Luke you know we need her for attention" he said making me sign "I know.I just don't want to hurt her even though I already did" I said "don't tell me your getting feelings for her,Luke!" He said mad "I've had feelings for as long as I can remember" I admitted "Just get her to be your girlfriend,don't tell her about this and keep it cool because your career is on the line and we're getting paid good for and plus when fans find out she's your girlfriend,they'll spread the rumors and you'll have more fans.Trust me this is good for the band" he said "find.For the band" I said and hung up.

A/N-sorry for the short chapter.

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