Wherever You Are

Luke is Lyric's best friend.They both like each other a lot.What happens when Luke has to leave her to go to England? Will the never talk to each other again or will their past bring them back together?


7. no way pt.2

Lyric's POV

I got changed into some baby blue shorts,a Melanie Martinez Crybaby shirt,band bracelets and white high top converse."Lyric!" My mom called,I knew they were here.I wanted to punch Luke so bad for forgetting about me but at the same time thinking about what he did made me cry.I went downstairs and saw Liz."Omg look at you" she said with tears in her eyes "you've turned into such a beautiful young woman" she said hugging me."Thank you" I said.I turned around and saw Luke right behind me making me jump."Oh good,you're here" Liz said "time for dinner" said mom leading Liz to the kitchen.I saw that the only seat left was the one next to Luke.I took a deep breath and sat down next to me.We started dinner,I didn't make eye contact with Luke at all or even speak to him.Our mom noticed how we weren't talking to each other."What's going on with both of you,you used to be inseparable what happened?" Liz said.Is she dumb or something!? I explode and yelled...


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