Promise Me

Rhiannon is like any normal teenage girl, except she doesn't freak when meeting famous people.
Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum are the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They expect any fan that meets them to freak out.
When the boys and Rhiannon meet at a local music shop in Aussie, the are surprised by her calmness and how laid-back she is. But inside Rhiannon is freaking out when she exchanges numbers with the boys.
Can Rhiannon prove to the boys she isn't who they think she is, without losing Mikey in the process?


1. Music Store [1]




My fingers skimmed lovingly across the spines of the CD's, until I stopped at one of my favorite bands albums. 5 Seconds of Summer, it read. I sighed, turning it over to read which songs they had put on it. I nodded to myself in approval when I saw some of their god songs were on it.


"Like what you see?" A husky voice said from behind me. I jumped not realizing someone had been standing there.


"Yeah, their music is pretty good but-" I stopped short when I saw a guy with red dyed hair standing there.


"But?" He questioned.


I looked at the cover art for the CD and then back to the guy, who I realized was Michael Clifford.


"But, some of their songs aren't as good as some of their others" I said confidently, daring him to say something else by staring him in the eye.


"Ya think so?" He asked as he reached around me and grabbed one of his CD's.


"Yup" I said.


He turned and left, so I continued to skim over all the music. I picked up another album, one by All Time Low.


Michael's POV


I swiped my card at the register, earning weird looks from the boys. Yeah, I probably looked weird, buying one of my own CD's.


"Don't ask" I muttered as I passed Ashton, earning another weird look from him.


I walked back to where I had left the girl to see she was holding a All Time Low CD.


"Hey" I said, staring at the back of her Green Day tee.


"Back already?" She muttered, the smirk evident in her voice as she turned around.


"Yeah, have this" I said as I pushed the CD into her hands. God, why was I doing this?


I looked around and saw the boys watching me carefully.


"Uh, thanks, I guess?" She said


"I guess you now I'm Michael" I said, anxiously rubbing the back of my neck.


"Oh, yeah, I'm Rhiannon" She said, holding her hand out to shake mine.


I hadn't met a fan like this at all. She seemed so calm and oblivious, but she knew everything.


"Can I have your number?" I blurted out, mentally slapping myself for saying it.


I heard snickers, know the boys were watching. Rhiannon must've heard them too, as she turned towards the noise to see the boys watching us. She gave them a little wave and turned back to me.


"Sure" She said as she put her number into my phone and typed in Rhi.


"Talk to you later, I have to go" I said, giving her a small hug.


I walked back to the boys and we walked out of the store.


Ashton punched me lightly in the shoulder.


Mikey's in love!' He sang loudly.


"Shut up," I hissed "And I'm not in love, I just like her a lot."



Hey guys!

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Promise Me.

Luv ya all



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