1. Chapter1


I walk through the doorways of east brook high school. I go to where my schedule says my locker is.

I through my things in my locker and try to find Rosalie, or Roe for short.

Roe and I have been best friends ever since the cliques labeled us as rejects. Just because we wore band tees,vans, and had a (very) different music taste.

I'm roaming the halls when someone taps me on the shoulder.

I turn and see Luke, the school fuckboy.

"Hey Phoebe!" Luke says like we're old friends.

"What do you want?" I say obviously annoyed.

"Just to talk." He says.

"You've never tried to talk to me before."

"True but that doesn't mean I haven't been interested in you before."

"What are you trying do Luke? You know I'm not going to be one of your toys."

"I'm not trying to do anything." He said trying to sound innocent.

"Of course you aren't." I said rolling my eyes.

Allie, the school slut and the girlfriend/ sex toy of Luke's sashays up and starts full on making out with Luke.

I take this as my chance of escape and find Roe and we walk to class.

~skip to lunch~

Roe and I get our trays and sit at the "reject" table. Lynn, Carrie, and Grace sit with us and we talk about our classes and plans for the school year.

"Hey Phoebe what'd fuckboy want?" Roe asked me.

"I don't know he said just to talk but I think we can all agree that's not true."

They nodded.

"Roe I have a question." I said.

"Shoot." She says.

"Who's this mystery guy?" I say smiling at her.

She turns red and starts smiling."Well if you must know his name is Calum and we met over the summer."

"Oooh!" I say teasing her. She laughs and changes the subject.

"I was thinking about dyeing my hair dark blue again." Roe says twirling her blonde hair.

They continued the conversation while I left the table to throw away my tray. Suddenly I felt someone's hands on my waist.

I spin around and see Luke laughing.

"Don't touch me." I half say half yell.

"Feisty! I like it." He says smirking.

I roll my eyes and start to walk away when he grabs my wrist.

"Wait! Please I'm sorry, I was a jerk." He says.

He actually sounded sincere but I still wasn't totally convinced.

"Prove it to me first." I say and walk away.



Hey people who read this! I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately so I thought I'll try writing again. Just a little insight on the book, Roe [Rosalie] is based off of my best friend, Ann.

So that's it I'll probably have another chapter up soon!

~ young&insane

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