your words...


4. next day

The next day I woke up and saw I had three more texts from Luke. I opened them to see what he said. The first was I thought that we were going to be something by the end of tonight. He texted me saying he thought we were going to be something and I fell asleep, great. The next said I guess you fell asleep. The other Baby girl when you get up I hope you have a wonderful day and a good nights rest. He was so sweet. I was laying in my bed with the phone on my chest. I could not stop smiling. I get up and take I shower while jamming out to my 5 Seconds of Summer playlist. I get out and Wrap my body and hair up in a towel. When I start to do my makeup I hear my alert. I got a text. Luke, it was Luke! When I read it I just jumped around my room. He said Hey, if you have plans today you are going to have to cancel, I will be at your house to pick you up at 11. It was 10 already I had to get ready. I replied ok and started on my makeup again. I got done and threw on his hoodie from last night. When he pulls up he honks his horn and I walk outside. I get in the car and he is starring at me again. I stare at him and laugh then I kiss him on the cheek. We drive down the road and at the next red light he stares at me and goes "Damn." I laugh a little and say "what?" He puts his hand on my thigh and says "You still look hot in that hoodie." He leans over to me and acts like he is going to whisper something in my ear. He takes his hand and turns my head really quick and kisses me. I sit there in the passenger seat of his car smiling. He takes my hand about 5 minutes later. We pull up to the place and it is beautiful.

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