Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


5. Chapter Five

   Camron's P.O.V

                When I woke up Saturday morning , I was exhausted and was confused. I have n clue what I'm going to do on Monday. I'm probably going to have to choose one of them. The worse part is they're friends.  I'm just so confused , why does this have to happen to me. I decided to get ready for the day and head to the library. I walked since it is not far from my house.  When I got there, I immersed my self in books. I don't know how long I been there for  but eventually I leave and head home. The walk was quiet, but the closer I got to my house, a person's shadow became clearer and clearer. My heart started beating faster  in fear it was Luke or Calum. I couldn't face either of them yet, I just didn't know.

                   When I was close enough to identify the figure at my house, I realize it was Conner. He soon saw me and started to walk closer. I didn't really want to deal with his shit right now, but I'd rather deal with this then Luke and Calum. When Conner was close enough to me he said," Can we talk please?" I nodded my head yes and said," Sure , Talk."  Conner smiled like he had a chance, little does he know. " Cam you know I really really really love you and I don't want this relationship to end.  I'm after you sorry for what I did, I really regret doing what I did and I'm sorry , Can we please start over ?" I shook my head and said," as much as I'd love to start over, I can't . I moved on. I'm over you. We can still be friends if you want?"  Conner looked mad and almost yelled," Bitch come on. What the fuck is wrong with you. You're going to give up our relationship for the dude who has fucking annoyed you forever. You are so stupid. You are going to crawl back to me after you realize that he just wants to get in your pants too." I started to walk away and said," Fuck you , Luke may have annoyed me, but he never tried to touch me when I didn't want to be touch. He has never called me a bitch or stupid. He have never fucking bruised my arm. And he sure isn't just trying to get in my pants." I stormed in my house

             The rest of the weekend I devoted to homework and Decided what I am going to do about Luke and  Calum. Late Sunday night I found the answer I was looking for. Monday morning I was anxious to see Luke. I dressed up because I couldn't really sleep . When Luke finally showed up to my house I waked out side and got on the bike. Luke was really quiet today, no princess no, no mention about his jacket. When we finally park at school i waited for him to get off his bike and basically stared him down. " What do you want Camron?" He said with an attitude. At first I was taken back by this, but then I worked up the courage and said," This!" I used his bike to help me reach , but I planted a kiss on his lips. When i back up I could see a smile on his lips and he said," Are you sure!" I smiled and said," Luke I want you bad, I like you more than anyone. I want this relationship!" Luke immediately leaned down an kissed me again. I heard cheers from people walking by, I felt sparks, fireworks. I just knew this was right.

           The rest of the day Luke and I walked hand and hand, and Calum took the news better than I thought. He's actually really understanding. Luke took me home that day and I just had butterflies all up in my stomach.  I went in my room and just finished up my homework. Later That night I heard my parents come home, and I run down stairs. My mom was on the phone so I hugged my dad and said," Why are you guys home ?" My dad smiled and said," We have to go pack for a business trip, we got to leave tonight. sorry this is last minute sweetie , but I'll give you  my credit card if you need anything." I just nodded my head and took back off to my room. My parents never have time for me. 

                     My parents then left with out a word, the only sign of them was note and my dads credit card saying they will be gone for five days top. I rolled my eyes and made my self a light snack before I went to bed. That night I tossed and turned and tossed and turn and by morning , I wasn't feeling all too well.  I called in sick that day and I have to wait for Luke to get here , since I don't have his number in my phone yet, to tell him I'm not going to school today. When he pulled up I walked outside in my pajamas's and a blanket wrapped around me. " I'm not going to school today, I'm sick," I told Luke. He took off his helmet and said," Then neither am I." He parked his bike and asked," Where are your parents?"  I replied," Business trip."  I walked Luke up to my room and collapsed on my bed. Luke than plopped  down beside me . I turned on my T.V and asked," What do you want to watch Mister."  Luke Picked  comedy and During that time Luke managed his way to cuddle me and I ended up falling asleep.


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