Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


11. Chapter Eleven

   Camron's P.O.V

             When I woke up at noon, all the boys were still asleep. I decided to make breakfast for us all. After trying to find everything in Arron's kitchen, I was able to make us all pancakes. Before any of the boys even woke up , I was able to make a giant stack of pancakes.  The boys all slowly got out of bed due to their hangovers. When they got to the table I said," eat up guys, and also I gave you all aspirins with your water's." They all yelled," Okay mom." I laughed and said," Whatever."  When I go to sit down, I walk over to Luke and kiss his forehead. 

     After breakfast , all the boys went to go back to bed. During this time, I got ready for the day because I really wanted to do something. I got dress and  did my makeup and hair. After I was ready I checked on Luke and jumped on our bed. I then yelled," Let's go do something." he then moaned and said," No , let's cuddle all day." he then grabbed me and cuddled up to me. I giggled and said," No, let's do something. There's a whole city out there." Luke groaned and said," I want cuddles." I sighed and said," I guess I have to ask Michael to go bra shopping with me." Luke shot up and said," Give me 20 minutes." I laughed and went  to watch T.V while I wait.

                   When Luke was done we called  cab and went to the city.  we walked around and grabbed some coffee to wake up too. I then decided to show him the music store I found the other night. We spent a whole two hours there. Well, it felt like we did.  We went  out to eat to and had an amazing night. Although , Luke was bummed that  I didn't go bra shopping. When the night came we decided to take a stroll in Central park. I couldn't believe what an amazing time I was having here. I didn't even care about home right now.  All I cared about is Luke and the guys.  During our stroll Luke and I we're talking about the possibility of them getting to go on tour.  Luke said, I could come with them and we could travel all over the world together. It sounded so perfect at the moment. Spending what seemed the rest of my life with Luke. I wanted it so bad. I loved Luke.

         When we got back to Arron's, we found them all in a heated game of twister, so we popped off out shoes and joined them. IT was a blast especially since I was the most flexible out of them all and won almost all rounds. I was officially the Queen of all games. That night me and Luke cuddled up in the bed and everything at the moment was perfect, I couldn't ask for a better life.  Things felt like they we're meant to be. I was so in love I couldn't see 3 feet in front of me. I was entranced by everything Luke has showed me. 


   A/N Sorry this is short, but I spent about 3 hours in a chair getting my hair done and I'm exhausted, but I hope you enjoy this update :)

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