never trust a man

Kim Crawford was about to marry Brody but he never showed up at the church and left Kim there. Kim swear that she will never fall in love with a man,Kim leaves Chicago and goes to Seaford and meets a guy name Jack,will she fall in love again? or she still don't trust a man anymore? Will there be a thing call "True love" find out in Never trust a man


2. meeting Jack Brewer

Kim P.O.V.

I woke up and remember Grace,and everyone is coming and took a shower and ate breakfast and waited until Grace and everyone came they walk in everybody said "Whoa"like they never saw a house like this or something they said hi and I said hey and like always Cassie being most irrette person I known she ask me to show me around the town I hesitate and said yes and walk to town with her,she said she going to a store and I told her i'm going and look around the town and she said "Yea,whatever" like always and left I stumble to a house and look around without knocking well I said hello but no response and when I turn around I saw a man with brown hair and hazel eyes "Hi i'm Jack Brewer"He said as he extend his arm,"Hi,I'm Kim Crawford" I said to him,"Kim...Kim Crawford That's a pretty name and nice to meet you"He said as he took a bite of his apple I blush when he said that,Kim what are you saying! What? Remember about Brody! What he did to you! Oh yea I still don't trust men, I was fighting in my mind until "Hello are you still there?"He asked snapping at me "What?"I said to him "You new here because i never saw a beautiful woman around here"He said and again I blush,Why am I blushing? but who cares because i'm not falling for him

Jack P.O.V.

Hey I'm Jack I'm 16 well almost 17 and I forgot to close the front door again! Ugh Why am I forgetting that I know it's just a simple thing anyways I was in the kitchen and biting down an apple and heard someone said "Hello?" and I hopped off of the counter like I always do and went to the living room and saw a beautiful woman she turn around "hi I'm Jack Brewer" I told her and she said "Hi,I'm Kim Crawford" Like always do by being flirting by saying to her "Kim....Kim Crawford that's a pretty name and nice to meet you"as I took a bite of my apple she blush of course she zoned out and I was snapping at her "Hello are you still there?"I said "What?"she said "you new here because I never saw a beautiful woman around her"I said and again she blush maybe this girl might be different I ever seen she is so beautiful and no one can't resist me and i'm well you know perfect I can't take my eyes off her why am I doing this? oh I know i'm in love I think? but c'mon we just met I can't fall in love right away we need to get each other

Kim P.O.V.

Jack was staring at me for a long time and I don't know why he was staring at me is he falling in love with me? Well,no mister I'm going to play hard to get so you are not falling for me,no sir i'm not going to fall for him I know he's cute and everything but I will never love him "Well I better be going"I said to him because I left Cassie at the store and she hates it when I or someone leaves her she isn't a little girl she's 16 and she acts like she's so popular and gets everything "Ok well see ya"He said I left and meet up to Cassie "Where were you I've been waiting for an hour"She said really annoying "Sorry,But I met a guy and his name is Jack and we talk for a little while, I totally lost track of time"I said "Ok,but don't leave me here for an hour and by the way is this Jack you say cute?"She asked "Why don't you meet him and find out"I said to her not giving her any details about Jack he is kinda cute Kimberly Ann Crawford what are you saying! Forget I ignore my other thought "C'mon Cassie let's go home"I said "Ok,and Kim you need to tell me everything about Jack He seems cute"She said "How do you know he's cute you haven't even met him"I said and she groaned like a little kid "So Kim do you like him"She asked as I blush a little good thing she didn't saw or I'll be dead "No,not at all,Why?"I asked "No reason I just wanted to ask maybe he's single and I might date him"She smirked at me I just roll my eyes and left with her

Cassie P.O.V.

Hi I'm Cassie and I'm 16 years old I have a cousin her name is Kimberly Ann Crawford but we call her Kim and man I hate her she get's all the attention even the cutest boys like Brody I fell in love with him but he fell in love With Kim and now she met a guy his name is Jack and I think he will fall in love with her but that will not happen because I will find this Jack person and he will fall in love with me! Hehe hehe I hope Jack won't fall in love with Kim and fall in love with me I hope Kim doesn't like Jack because he's mine well not yet but soon And I think she likes him because she blush I don't know she blush but I'm going to find out and find Jack and make him mine

Kim P.O.V.

Me and Cassie came home and she was begging me to tell about Jack and I said no and she went upstairs and shut the door and my aunt came "What happened to Cassie"She asked "She wants me to tell her about Jack"I blush when I said his name "Who's Jack?"she asked "He's a guy I met and he wants to know him"I told her "Do you like him?"She asked "What?! Me liking him? We met and I think you don't fall in love with a person you just met"I told her "ok,oh and kim are you hungry?"She asked "Um...yea I'll get something out of the fridge"I said "Ok"She said I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and it reminds me of Jack of how he looked at me and biting down at his apple he seems nice and well...cute woah,woah,woah I can't think of that I made a promise that not to fall in love but Jack is different and seems kind and again Cassie came in and I just roll my eyes when she was saying what's his last name? or doe's he haves a girlfriend? I just ignore her and went upstairs and went to my room and lock the door and open the balcony and look at the view still thinking of Jack why am I thinking about him? I just finish my apple and took a shower

Jack P.O.V.

I just took a shower and was ready for bed and I can't stop thinking about Kim she seems nice,beautiful oh I know tomorrow I will send her some flowers for her wait a minute I don't know where she lives? I can't tell people does anyone knows Kim crawford they will think i'm nuts well...I just need to find her oh well I'll be going to bed but I can't stop thinking about Kim Oh god I'm in love with Kim Crawford but I can't Why not Jack?you know you love her, again with this now my other mind is back but ignore it and got into bed and slept

The next day

Kim P.O.V.

I woke up and went outside by myself good thing no one saw me and got into my car and drove somewhere that relaxes me the beach when I got there someone was there and it was Jack! what is he doing here? "Hey" He said "Hi" I said "What are you doing here?"He asked "Well I came here to relax" I told him "Oh" He said "And what are you doing here"I asked "Well...I was bored so I came here it helps me relax"He said "Oh" I sat down at the sand and me and Jack talk a little and I told him I needed to go home and he said bye I drove to my house and someone was there

Jack P.O.V.

I follow Kim and she lives to a huge house and got out of my car and hide behind a huge tree and see Kim got out of her car and there was a man I wonder who is the man? Is he the boyfriend of Kim? I was starting to get jealous and I'm so in love with Kim I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend so she could be mine and I saw it in Kim's face she was angry at him or something because when she got out of her car she starting to get mad maybe he could be her ex or something maybe she mad at him because he did something to her like he hurt her or something? If I was her boyfriend I will never cheat on her or hurt her I will love her until we die 

Kim P.O.V.

When I got out of my car I saw a man and I thought it was Jerry or Milton or Jack but Nooooo it was Brody My ex boyfriend I got angry when I saw him because he hurt me a lot And at the same time I wonder Why was he here? What did he want? Did he want me back? Because no Brody! I'm not yours ever you had your chance but you lost it and you lost me so I moved on and might have feelings for Jack but I can't fall in love but my body says be with Jack but I'm not going to listen to my body But the most thing i'm afraid of is Can I trust the men?


Why is Brody there?

What does Brody What?

Will he want Kim back?

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