Little did she knew that she was the most searched girl in her city.

Her voice was a dead giveaway despite her change in looks.

Her voice could get her killed.

So she got muted.


2. | Prologue |




Everything was a blur. The young girl was breathing heavily in the arms of an unknown man. She had stopped fighting, it was no use anymore. The once familiar faces were becoming blurrier by the minute, making her question if she actually knew those people. But she knew it was them by the hoarse screaming of the boy who was squirming in the arms of another man.


"No! Jonah, stop! It's for the best!"


She felt the sides of her head pounding to the rhythm of her heartbeat; she felt it pop out and pop back in. Her head started to give up on her, her neck was giving her zero strength to keep it up.

Her body was giving in.


"They are going to hurt her! They could kill her! We can't let them take her! They're lying to us!"


"And what will happened when she's with us? You know they are after us, we can't risk it!"

Though the pounding was taking her full hearing, she still heard what the woman said. They? Who are they and why are they after them?


"What makes you think they'll treat her any better?"


She wanted to ask.

She wanted to know who they are.

She wanted to know what they did.

She wanted to know why they were so important.

She wanted to know why they were chasing them.


But she couldn't.


As the seconds passed, her eyelids were becoming metal weights. Her arms were losing the grip she had on the mans arms. She felt her body slide down in what seemed in slow motion. An unexpected raspy whimper came out of her almost lifeless body.


"I'll explain later, Jonah we have to go."


"We can't leave her - "


"Let's go!"


Just as the loud screech slammed into her ears, her lungs were trying to suck in the oxygen. She took in big gulps of the air, but it was worthless it was wearing her out more. The man behind her snickered just as she let out her last breath.




Hey, look another story. I've been really wanted to post this story up for some while now, I have 6 chapters done for it already. This and the rest of my stories will be updated more frequently once I'm done with school which is like in 2 weeks! I really hope you enjoy this new story and the others that I will be updating. Love you guys :)



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