Little did she knew that she was the most searched girl in her city.

Her voice was a dead giveaway despite her change in looks.

Her voice could get her killed.

So she got muted.


6. | Cope |


As soon as Nevada had stepped foot home, she was bombarded with questions by Anderson. He held a nervous look on his tan face. His eyebrow scrunched a tiny bit, slightly raised. His soft brown eyes were trying to go through her mind, to see what she had gone through that day.


"Anderson, calm down. Everything went will; I had no trouble... if that's what you want to know." Nevada sloppily wrote.


"Did you talk to anyone, Nevada?"


It was there where Nevada thanked that she didn't have a voice. She knew if she did, the guilt in her voice would sell her our in a second.


"No. Didn't he say not to talk to anyone?"


"Yeah, but - "


"Well then, if he said not talk to anyone, I didn't and won't talk to anyone. Now calm down your face expressions are irritating me." Nevada giggle as she finished writing the last sentence.


"Oh shut up," Anderson grumbled but still grinned, "lets go eat kiddo."


Least to say she was relieved that Anderson had believed her that day... and that's the problem. She's afraid that he will only believe her for that day. She knew that Faye is going to keep on talking to her, how is she going to keep it in for that long? Eventually, Anderson and the man will find out.


Nevada's hands were clammy as she got closer to her 1st period class. She knew Faye was there, she saw her get out this morning from her bus. Nevada wiped her hands on her jeans before entering the quiet classroom.


"Nevada! Hey, I tried calling you over in then morning, but I don't think your heard me."


Nevada quickly nodded, she's didn't have no other excuse to tell her. Please just stop talking to me. Look at your phone or something. Do something that doesn't involve talking to me.


"So how did yesterday go? I'm asking since I know you're new here."


Nevada was forced to take her notebook out. She's knew it was bound to happen eventually.


"It was good. It's a bit different Than my other school, but I think I prefer this school better. "


"Really? What school did you go to? I didn't care what school I go to. School is school it's always going to suck and take my sleep away."


Nevada smiled at that. Faye was right. She was only in one day and she hated this building called school.


"That's true. How was yours?"


"Better than expected. I mean I still made no friends, besides you. Everybody here gets on my nerves. Especially those girls, I swear I just want to snap their neck." Faye seethed, glaring at the wall as if it were those 'girls.'


"Yeah, I've seen way too much of those kinds. But not all of them are like that. I have found that I get along with the quiet people. Smile and that's all."


Faye chuckled, "true. Hey, sit with me at lunch?"


No, "yeah, sure. Just wave or something."


With that Faye finally nodded and took her phone out. Nevada didn't seem to realized how fast her heart was beating. She was scared that she will be discovered. She didn't want to die.



"Hey. Who do you have for chemistry?"


"Mrs. Denis. Why?"


"She is just so ugh. I had her last year for biology and now I have the luck of having her this year again. She always picks on me for everything. There's a reason I don't raise my hand. It's my because I'm lazy, I just don't know. I don't understand chemistry."


"You'll be fine. She's actually nice to me. But it's probably because I'm mute."


"I'm not saying being mute is good, but it has its benefits."


"That I can't deny." Nevada said slightly laughing.


"So if we went to be great friends I hate ask, what type of music do you listen to?"


Crap. Nevada thought. Anderson had made her listen to his songs, but she doesn't remember who they are or the songs.


"I listen to a little bit of everything. But as long as has an actual meaning behind it."


"Yeah, I think the same. I hate those songs that only talk about sex, money and girls. We don't need to know about their deeds."


"I don't see the need in singing about that. Isn't that supposed to be private."


"Well, yeah. There are some songs that deliver it well. They talk about it but don't go to the extreme. They don't brag about themselves. They usually talk about how they find the girl amazing. And how beautiful she is."


"What kind of music do you listen to?"


"Like you. A little bit of everything. But I love bands."




"Bands. They're awesome. I'm sure you've heard of them. Ugh, here how 'bout tomorrow we both bring a list of the people and it bands we listen to."


"Yeah, sure."


"Great. I'll see you later then. I have Spanish." Faye groaned."


Nevada scribbled quickly, "You'll survive."


Faye smiled and waved goodbye. She felt good. She finally had a friend, right?


Nevada on the other side felt guilty. She liked Faye's company, but she didn't want to hurt her.



Nevada was passing a group of people. They were speaking Spanish. She was surprised. She understood them.


"Ay, no quiero ir para esa clase. Me aburre con una pasión. Más que esa profesora me cae mal."

(Translation: Ugh, I don't want to go to that class. It bores me with a passion. Plus, I don't like that teacher."


"Bueno, igual te vienes conmigo porque no pienso ir por esa pesadilla sola. Ja, sino para que son las amigas? Ya cambia esa cara y vamos."

(Translation: Well, you're still coming with me because I don't think of going through that nightmare alone. Ha, because then what are friends for? Alright, change that face and let's go."


Why did she understand them? Anderson never taught her that language. As far as she knew she only knew English. Plus, on her schedule it said Spanish.


I'll ask Anderson. Now I just have to worry about art class.


A rather large lady was sitting near her computer. She was lean, but still attractive.


"Stand on the sides. I will be giving you seats. Don't worry though. It is only so I will remember your names. Okay let's start."


As the teacher began to call out names, Nevada felt her stomach rumble, and not in the hungry way. She looked at her classmates and she didn't get good vibes from some of them. She didn't want to be the type of girl to judge by look but she couldn't help it.


"Nevada Kelly; here." She said while pointing to a seat,"Oralee Reyes; next to her."


"Hi. I'm Oralee."


Just smile. You have enough with Faye.


"I said hi."


Nevada nodded and smiled.


"You know, when someone says their name to someone else, it's well mannered that the other person says their name too."


No, no she probably thinks I'm stuck up.


Oralee seeing that Nevada still wasn't going to say a word sighed, "whatever. This is what I get for trying to make friends."


Is this what it's always going to be like? Rejecting friendship? I won't survive.



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