One Direction Imagine :)

This is just a collection of 1D imagines (or one shots) that I've written. I hope you like them :)


13. Imagine (Zayn)

You were working your shift at Starbucks, checking your watch to see that you still had an hour left of work. Sighing, you started wiping the counter with a cloth.
"Um hi, a Vanilla Latte with whipped cream please?" a slightly uncertain voice asked politely. You looked up, smiling because you had got a reason to stop your boring cleaning of the surfaces. The most amazing eyes met yours.
Blinking a few times, you nodded and smiled again.
"A Vanilla Latte it is," you stated, turning again, so you could make his drink. You could feel his eyes on you as you bustled around, adding different ingredients. You couldn't help yourself. You blushed.
As soon as you had finished making his drink, you hurriedly handed it to him, not wanting to give yourself time to embarrass yourself. He thanked you quietly, then followed you to they till.
While you were punching in the amount of money he'd have to pay, you glanced up to see his eyes fixed on yours. It was his turn to blush. Smiling slightly, you finished and printed out the receipt.
"Thanks a lot, um, (Y/N)," he stammered, his eyes quickly making a detour to your badge.
"No problem-"
"Zayn. I'm Zayn," he cut you off hurriedly, seeming eager to lengthen the conversation.
"Then no problem, Zayn," you grinned, finding his rushed demeanour cute. He nodded quickly, muttering a quick goodbye as he turned to look for a table. You watched him as he sat in the corner closest to you, pulling out a pencil. He gave you a last look before you returned to your previous task, causing the both of you to blush again. He was the perfect mixture of shy and polite, you thought to yourself as you grabbed the old cloth again.
Twenty minutes later, you noticed the table he had previously sat at was deserted. You didn't know how to feel. Maybe relieved, you had started to get a little self-conscious under his interested gaze. But for the most, you were disappointed. You were probably never going to see him again. Which was a shame, he had seemed like a nice kind of person.
Feeling your heart sink a little, you moved to the table, the cloth accompanying you. That was when you noticed the small piece of paper next to his cup. Curiously, you moved the porcelain to have a good look at it. You smiled at what you saw.
Zayn had drawn the two of you having your awkward conversation. You liked his drawing style, cartoony and cute. And it didn't look bad at all. A small message had been written under the drawing.
'Sorry, I'm really awkward and you seem really nice. And this might be creepy, I don't know, I hope you don't mind it. If you want, feel free to call me? I sound really weird, sorry. Thanks for making me the best Vanilla Latte I've ever had. That sounded creepy too, sorry.
Zayn x'
Okay, so it wasn't exactly a small message. But it was cute. Slipping the note into your back pocket, you quickly cleared the table and headed to your boss so you could get the 'good to go' from her.
Five minutes later, you were heading out of the cafe. You noticed someone leaning against the wall next to it and were surprised to see that Zayn had hung around. He walked towards you, scratching his neck nervously.
"Um, did you get the note?" he asked, a hint of hope in his voice. You smiled and nodded.
"I'll text you tonight," you promised, hitching your bag further up your shoulder.
"Sounds good, I guess I'll see you around, (Y/N)," he grinned, obviously happy that his plan had succeeded.
"Definitely. See you, Picasso," you called, heading down the road. You couldn't wait to see how things would turn out.


I accidentally wrote this in past tense instead of present tense, I usually write imagines in present tense oops. Anyway, how was it? I hope you all liked it x

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