One Direction Imagine :)

This is just a collection of 1D imagines (or one shots) that I've written. I hope you like them :)


14. Imagine (Niall)

You're smearing icing on a batch of cupcakes you've just made, fresh from the oven. Smiling as you think about the way your boyfriend will react when he sees the multicoloured treats, you valiantly keep going until your hands are tired. You want the cupcakes to be good.
At some point you hear commotion out in the entrance, guessing that Niall has finally made it home. You always look forward to spending time with him in the flat you own together.
"Hey babe!" he calls with a muffled yell. It sounds like he's getting stuck in his jacket.
"Who's winning? You or the coat?" you yell back, smirking. Niall appears in the kitchen doorway, his cheeks red but his eyes triumphant.
"Horan one, jacket zero," he announced, raising his arms in mock celebration. You giggle, wondering when he will notice your masterpieces. His arms drop.
"You didn't," he says in a hushed whisper, his eyes travelling over the in total twelve cupcakes you have bothered to make.
"I did, Horan, I did, but we still need to wait, they're hot," you laugh, punching him on the arm.
"I know what else is hot," he then grins. You raise an eyebrow.
"Me," he concluded, shrugging as if to say sorry.
"I thought I was the hot one out of us," you scowl, crossing your arms. He grins again.
"So I'm not hot?" he asks, adding a pout. You think about that one.
"I'm hot, so you can be cool," you decide, your voice edged with a tone of finality. Niall gasps.
"Opposites attract!" he squeals, slapping your arm lightly.
"Which is why I'm so attracted to those cupcakes then," he adds, turning his eyes on the cakes. You roll your own.
"They look really good, I'm not going to lie," he sighs, a content smile making its way onto his face.
"I like making cupcakes, I should do it more often," you muse, moving so you're standing next to him.
"Marry me," he then says abruptly. You start laughing, wiping your eyes to rid them of any tears that may have appeared. Then you realise he's gone down on one knee.
"No, I'm being serious," he says earnestly. He pulls out a small box. Your hands fly to your mouth.
"(Y/N), will you marry me?" he asks, opening the box to show a ring. A diamond ring. An engagement ring. You gasp.
"Listen, we've been together for so long. And honestly, I can say that I've enjoyed every second of every minute. I love being with you, I love spending time with you, I love waking up to you, I love falling asleep with you in my arms. I love you. And I've realised how strong my feelings for you were and still are. And will always be. Babe, I've travelled across the world. I've met a billion people. And out of all of those people, you are the one that occupies my thoughts all the time, you're the one that keeps me up at night. You're the one I could stay with forever. You're the one I love, the one I will always care for. And with this ring, I promise that. I promise that I will always care for you. I will always want you. I will always be there for you. You and me, we're a team. Will you do me the honour? Will you become my wife?" he pauses, looking worried for the first time.
"I think in the end, all I'm asking you is, will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?" he finishes, pressing his lips in a tight line and looking at you earnestly. Your hands haven't left your mouth. You're honestly speechless.
You kneel down to join him on your kitchen floor. And you nod. You keep nodding as you fling your arms around his neck, pulling him close.
"Yes, I will. I love you so much," you whisper, breathing in his scent. You can feel his grin against your shoulder as he hugs you back.
"Thank you," he mumbles, kissing you on the forehead. You cup his cheeks to bring his face to the same level as yours and connect your lips in a slow, sweet kiss. When you break apart, you're both smiling. He quickly slips the ring into your finger, grinning at the way it looks. Then he looks back at you.
"Do you think the cupcakes are as cool as me now?"


I like this one hehe. What about you? I hope you did toooooo. Please comment any requests you may have, that would be really cool (:

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