One Direction Imagine :)

This is just a collection of 1D imagines (or one shots) that I've written. I hope you like them :)


12. Imagine (Harry)

You wake up to a soft voice. Singing. Harry singing. You don't open your eyes, but you can feel him playing with your hair absentmindedly.
Keeping your eyes shut, you decide to listen to him for a while. His voice is quiet, but beautiful. It changes in all the right places and you can't help but wonder how on earth it's possible.
"Kiss me like the world is gonna disappear. I'm a better person when I have you here. Oh, I, I, I got you and I, I can get through anything as long as I can see your face," he sings, but suddenly stops. Your heart rate speeds up as a silence fills the room. Why has he stopped?
"I know you're awake you little sneak," he then chuckles. You open your eyes, just in time to see him lean down and press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss.
When you break apart, you wrinkle your nose.
"You have hideous morning breath," you comment, making a face. He pouts and frowns playfully.
"You know, yours isn't much better," he retorts, pushing you lightly, but grabbing hold of your arm so he can pull you into his lap. You look up at him mischievously.
"You can't resist me, even with the morning breath," you smirk, giving him a satisfied look. He rolls his eyes.
"You know it," you then add, verbally prodding him. You wanted a reaction.
He then looks you directly in the eye, smirking. He leans towards you again and connects your mouths once more, the kiss a more demanding one than the one before.
"You can't seem to help yourself either," he then remarks, the smirk still on his face as he pulls away.
"Well at least I didn't deny it," you reply shamelessly, shrugging. He grins, the dimples showing in his cheeks. You poke one of them, still not tired of your new habit.
"You always poke my dimples," Harry then whines, grabbing hold of your finger. You shrug again.
"And anyway, I didn't deny anything," he continues, giving you a playfully hurt look.
"Aww, Hawwee's offended," you coo, messing up his hair. He grabs hold of your hand so you stop, tightening his grip on your other for good measure.
"Stop it," he says, still pouting.
"Wow, look who's giving orders here," you answer back, trying to pull your hands back to yourself, even though you enjoy him holding them.
He suddenly pushes you backwards so you back falls to the bed and he got you pinned down. He leans towards your ear, his breathing heavier than before.
"If you don't stop it, I won't stop either," he mutters, leaving a delicate kiss just under your jaw.
"Stop wha-"
But he cuts you off, kissing you forcefully and grinding his hips into yours.
He quickly pulls away and looks you in the eye again.
"Are you going to stop?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.
"I have no intention to," you reply with a stout voice, shaking your head firmly.
And there comes the smirk again.


I think I write a lot of Harry imagines haha. Anyway, I hope you liked it, feel free to comment your thoughts and any requests you may have (:

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