Troye Sivan- My experience.

This is explaining how I met the wonderfully talented Troye Sivan <3


3. Part 3.

So the segment started and the host turned to me and said "Oh so Troye is a big inspiration to you right?" and I nodded and was like "Yeah he's been there with me through so much and without him I don't know where I'd be, he honestly means everything to me and I'm so grateful for him." 

(by this stage I noticed the guy who brought us up here with a weird look on his face but i ignored it) 

and the host goes "So would you like to say that to Troye?" and gestured for me to talk to the camera as if it were Troye. 

So I nodded and said "Troye I love you so much you honestly mean absolutely everything to me thank you for everything you've done and yeah I love you so much."

By this stage my emotions were starting to come back and the host said "I think we can do a little bit better than that." and so I was so confused as to what the hell he was trying to say. 

And he says "Troye come on in bro." 


And he gasped when he caught sight of us and I gasped as well because he walked over towards me and my friend and said "That was so cute what the hell which one of you said that?" 

My first thought was 'what the fxck how long had he been out there listening to me?' 

So everyone was like "Oh it was Sarah." 

And he came over to me and was like "Hey." and gave me a tight hug and like rubbed my back. 

I buried my face into his shoulder and he was like "That was so sweet thankyou so much." and I said "I love you Troye." and he said "Thankyou I love you too." and pulled away so I slowly pulled away still in complete shock because Troye Sivan had just surprised me on live national TV.

After the segment finished I opened up a little more to him and then we got a group photo and I said "Oh I see you in concert on sunday for your coming out anniversary." and he goes "Oh my god see you sunday then." 

So we walked back outside and I was crying my eyes out and I could barely walk properly. 

My friends started screaming because they'd seen what had happened on twitter and I was still finding it hard to comprehend. 

We stayed outside for a bit more until we went in and watched him perform (where I actually got barrier to top it all off.) 

Multiple times throughout the performance he made eye contact with me and at the end he was given a plaque to certify BN platinum in Australia and it was dead silent so I yelled "I'm so proud of you Troye!" and he turned back and made eye contact with me and mouthed 'Thank you' 

Yeah... that was my story on how I met my wonderful idol. 

He has the best hugs ever and the sleeve on my jumper smells like him. 

K bye.

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